Parliamentary investment: international loan will need to be Iraq’s compulsory international economic conditions and standards




Thursday 23 June 2016 | 10:27

BAGHDAD / … take it for economic and investment commission member of the parliamentary Ahmed Kanani, Thursday, borrowing from the International Monetary Fund, a step in the right direction, it will contribute to subdue Iraq compulsory international economic standards.

He said Kanani’s “Eye of Iraq News,” that “the international conditions of the loan will join the administrative affairs of the Iraqi economic system, in terms of customs duties and treat foreign companies with investment, as well as how the money, benefits and expenses of operating, investing Almoisntin management.”

“The IMF’s condition when lending Iraq to stop the grades, they bear an additional burden on the public budget.”

He added that “borrowing from the International Monetary Fund makes Iraq mandatory international standards and is committed to the conditions.”

Kanani said that “The IMF loan is a positive step in the situation in Iraq under this

international system, which applies economic criteria that serve the 

Iraqi economic reality” .anthy 3

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