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Pleased that coalition partner will also join as co-host for this important event next month.

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Document: disclosure of the names of the new directors of the Rafidain and Rasheed


23-06-2016 03:55 PM

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Orbit News –

It revealed a document issued by the Ministry of Finance, announced the appointment of new directors to the Rafidain and Rasheed.

According to the document obtained ‘orbit News’ , a copy of which, it is “based on the Ministerial order No. (192) of the book of the Prime Minister Office with a number (m t and / 59/7279 / on 06/06/2016, based on the powers vested in the Ministry of Finance legally decide to entrust Khawla student Jabbar al – Asadi post of Director General of the Rafidain Bank agency, it has been commissioned with Rashad Khudair single stubbornness Daini post of Director General of the Rasheed Bank and the agency. “

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Parliamentary Finance demanding Abadi and integrity state the reason for the banks to prevent the sacked managers accountable


  • Thursday, June 23, 2016 15:04

BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / ..

demanded by the parliamentary Finance Committee Magda Tamimi, on Thursday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and the Integrity Commission state the reason for the banks to prevent the sacked managers accountable.

She said Tamimi’s / Baghdadi News /, said that “the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and head of the Integrity Commission Hassan Yassiri provide reasons that prevent banks managers who were dismissed because of corruption accountable.”

She added that “it should bring these Pearls justice to be punished just”, wondering at the same time do that “sentencing in absentia limits of corruption and face.”

Tamimi stressed, according to the statement, the need to “accelerate punish them and recover the stolen money from them.”

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has been relieved, earlier, banks, Rafidain and Rasheed, and real estate, agricultural and Alsnaaa.anthy managers 21…-AkLjAknl.html

Jaafari and US Ambassador to affirm the need to avoid affecting the stability of the region’s conflicts


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, the US ambassador to Iraq, Stuart Jones, the need to avoid conflicts that affect the stability of the region.
A statement by the Office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, received by the agency {Euphrates News}, a copy of it, that Jaafari “received Stuart Jones , US Ambassador in Baghdad, the meeting reviewed the progress of bilateral relations between Baghdad and Washington, security and development, and political, and the war against Daash terrorist gangs and paying tribute to the victories by the Iraqis achieved in the war against terrorism. ”
He also reviewed” efforts of the international coalition in the provision ofhumanitarian support, and service, and finance, and to help Iraq in thereconstruction of liberated areas, the return of displaced people to their home areas, as the two sides discussed the latest developments in the pan region and the world. ”
It was emphasized during the meeting, according to the statement, to” make more efforts to avoid differences and conflicts that affect the security and stability of thepeoples of the region and the world , “.anthy

Disclosure “agreement” with Iran, the Kurdistan region to export oil through ports


23/06/2016 14:32

Tomorrow Press / Translation: Iran reached with the KRG to a technical agreement, calls for building a pipeline can be transferred in one day nearly 250,000 barrels of Kurdistan to Tehran, but the agreement has not been signed yet, according to officials Kurds. Taha Zangana, Assistant Minister KRG natural resources says , “We are in the Kurdistan regional government export oil and gas to Iran, and there is understanding between the two sides in this regard, and the rest we have is to clarify the political and commercial sides of thestart of the agreement.” the Zangana is led negotiations on the part of the Kurdish government with his Iranian counterpart . Zangana and talking about the possibility ofvisiting the Kurdish Iranian capital Tehran delegation after the holy month of Ramadan, to finalize and sign the agreement between the parties, but declined to talk specifically about the date of the agreement. Observers believe, that the end of the formal agreement between the two sides, could have geopolitical consequences in the long term, but face theother will deepen the relationship between Kurdistan and Iran. Discussions on the pipeline between Iran and Kurdistan, dating back to 2014, but the two governments officials began serious negotiations a month ago March of this year, according to the sources , a Kurdish official. in the case and put the finishing touches, this will include the export of oil energy ,natural gas, and in this case – according to the provincial government data – the Iraqi Kurdistan will get the largest gas reserves in the world with 5.6 trillion cubic meters.exports Kurdistan Regional Government, by about half a million barrels of crude oil a day to world markets through a pipeline to a single province ends at the Turkish port ofCeyhan. He says Zangana in this regard , ” the new pipeline, would be an alternative route the oil to run and move to world markets.” In the fourth of April, reaching Kurdish officials with Iranian counterparts to reach understandings on the technical aspects of the draft energy, but the government of the Kurdistan unwillingness on signing agreement between the parties, according to Nazem Dabbagh, a representative of the provincial government of Tehran. Dabbagh said, that some differences still exist on the price and volume of oil provided to Iran, however, the, the agreement between the two sides spend a maximum export 250,000 barrels of oil per day. Challenge for this final agreement, it is whether the center government would support such an agreement or No, especially as Baghdad cut off the region ‘s share of the public budget since early 2014, after the export of Kurdish crude oil to Turkey, in isolation from the Baghdad government. a senior member of the Iraqi National Alliance , on condition of anonymity , “There is no agreement between Baghdad and Tehran over the oil accord between the Kurds and Iran. ” while the source itself speaks about the Iranian officials briefed the Iraqi authorities on the agreement in early 2014, although Baghdad had not submitted a formal objection in this regard, Zangana says of theKurdistan region, that despite not get the approval of Iraqi authorities officially , but secretly happy for such an agreement. in addition, an Iranian diplomat in the Kurdish capital of Irbil, said Al – Jazeera English – speaking, that his country will not sign anagreement to export power to the provincial government without the approval of the midst of a package differences between Erbil and Baghdad, the deal energy between the Kurdish and Iranian sides will not be solved unless it addresses the differences between the center and the region, according to Mohsen Pavava Iran ‘s deputy consul in Erbil. he said two of the officials of the Kurdistan Regional Government, the island, the Iranians and Kurdish officials are aware of the export of Kurdish crude oil to refineries near the Iraqi border located in the provinces, Kermanshah, Tabriz , north west of the country, and perhaps to Tehran as well. in contrast, the KRG receives crude oil from Iranian ports in thePersian Gulf to sell on world markets. It is hoped to have the Kurdish pumping oil to Iran from Sulaimaniya fields near Kirkuk and regions, according to the tanner. Given to Kirkuk, they disputed area between the Governments of the center and the province is not clear whether Kirkuk was released oil to Iran. But the governor of Kirkuk , Najm al- Din Karim, told the network Radawa local Kurdish, he did not believe that the issue of Kirkuk oil to Iran in practice. While the provincial government has set a target to produce more than Mellon barrels per day by 2015 , while natural gas production in Kurdistan is also an early stage and covers perhaps domestic consumption. Sees Bilal Wahab, Director ofDevelopment and Natural Resources Center at the American University in Sulaimaniya that ” the construction of the second pipeline to export energy resources to Iran, after he had torely on Turkey, may pose a tremendous threat to the Kurdistan Regional Government. ” ” if Tehran has benefited from its oil deal with the Kurdistan, this may help to improve therelationship between Baghdad and Erbil because of the close ties between Tehran and Baghdad , “noting such influence goes in both directions and benefit Iran too much, as well as Turkey , which will increase the agreement of the political and economic Kurdistan influence. in recent months, there have been increasing doubts in Kurdistan on the credibility of Turkey as a corridor for the export of energy, as witnessed pipeline , power transmission from the provincial government to Turkey periodic interruptions due tofighting between the PKK conflict (PKK), as well as the growing theft and vandalism by unknown assailants. talks on energy with Iran, come up with the center of deep internal divisions between the Kurdish parties, the National Union of Kurdistan is one of the two major parties seem to have more enthusiasm for this deal. I have doubts have emerged in recent months, after the rival Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Democratic party ( KDP ), which dominates the provincial government , which perhaps is an obstacle to agreement on energy with Iran, but the provincial government spokesman Sven Dizayee denied the theallegations in a statement. owing to compete regional between Turkey and Iran , and strained relations between Ankara and Baghdad on what you see the Iraqi capital , theTurkish intervention in their affairs, there have been questions about how Turkey accepted the idea of extending the source of the pipeline from the Kurdistan region to Iran. Turkey has been a key partner of energy with Kurdistan Regional Government, and the province plans to export up to 20 billion cubic meters of natural gas per day to Turkey before theyear 2020.

Wasit crashes official working hours next Monday



23/06/2016 14:47

Wasit / tomorrow Press: Wasit Provincial Council, announced Thursday, disable the official working hours on Monday, on the occasion of the martyrdom of Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (peace be upon him). The head of the provincial council, Mazen Zamili, in a statement received “Tomorrow ‘s Press , ” a copy of it, ” the Council consider, on Monday , a brief summary of 06/27/2016, an official holiday marking the anniversary of the martyrdom ofImam Ali bin Abi Talib.” he added Zamili, said that ” the holiday decision was to give anopportunity for the people of the province to participate in the revival of visiting the shrine of Imam Ali in Najaf . ” .

Kurdistan Regional Government to pay the second installment of dues company “DNO” oil


By Ziad alHaidari two hours ago
حكومة اقليم كوردستان تسدد الدفعة الثانية من مستحقات شركة
Kurdistan Regional Government to pay the second installment of dues company “DNO” oil

Roudao – Erbil

Announced that the Norwegian oil company DNO, Thursday, for receiving the second installment of the dues that are owedby the Kurdistan Regional Government for the month of May.

And hit the province of Kurdistan, according to the company statement, seen by Roudao media network, “the amount of 24.28 million dollars as a down payment for a second export May shipments of produce Tawke field.”

With the receipt of $ 15 million earlier this week, the payments are covered by the settlement of May shipments entire bill and the $ 39.28 million, including 32.95 million dollars worth of monthly dues and 6.34 million dollars to pay off the arrears for previous deliveries.

The sharing of the funds will be in proportion to the share of DNO, Genel Energy and its partner, the average production Tawke field in May, 117 thousand and 757 barrels per day from 114 thousand and 848 barrels per day for export.