Biden: Abadi in favor of federalism in Iraq


By Roudao 16 minutes ago
جو بايدن
Joe Biden

Roudao- Erbil

Confirmed by US Vice President, Joe Biden, in an interview, he said he was never asked to divide Iraq, expressing his belief that federalism is the solution, and that is supported bythe alAbadi.

He spoke Biden, in an interview with Charlie Rose of CBS, a media partner for the network Roudao media in Aanieks, the war against al Daash and the problems in Iraq and Syria.

Kurds are not ready to accept any Shiite power

On the division of Iraq, Biden said, “I was with the transformation of Iraq into a federal system of three regions: the Shia and the Sunni and Kurdish, and that Baghdad becomes the capital of all of the administration’s foreign policy and the limits of the state, as well as that each region have its own police, as is our case in the state of California and others, because the Kurds are not ready at any time to accept the Shiite power, and vice versa. “

He denied US Vice President to support the division of Iraq and confirmed that he was always with the federal and the Iraqi prime minister, Haidar al-Abbadi, the same opinion.

Two points must take them into account in the process ofMosul

In conjunction with the battle of Fallujah and the restoration of the city, the Mosul process become one of the hot topics now, he said Obama’s envoy to the International Alliance Against Daash, Brett Macgork, held an “important” meeting in Arbil between the United States and the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad on the restoration of Mosul last week.

Biden said on the restoration of Mosul process, “there are two important points in the process, the first is the international alliance which must bring and help together, for example, that we do not allow to leave Fallujah destroyed after restoring order to a terrorist group does not arise again, and the second point is that Iraqis must agree among themselves, and help each other to perform the operation, and for this purpose I am in constant contact with President Barzani and Baghdad. “

In the opinion of many observers that the US president, Barack Obama, does not want the start of the process of Mosul, in the last days of his presidency, and he wants to leave this problem to his successor.

But the vice president says that this battle is located on the Iraqis themselves, explains, “could launch the operation, our generals are now working carefully to find agreement in order to restore the villages and the roads south of Mosul in full, and starting the process after that, all depends on that to what extent the Iraqis are ready to help each “.

Even Barzani was not ready to ask for the survival of our soldiers in Iraq

Charlie Ross, vice president and asked if he Daash will appear if US troops stay in Iraq? In response, Biden said, “We tried a lot to keep about 5 thousand to 7 thousand US troops as trainers in Iraq to work with the Iraqi army, and to help 100 thousand Iraqi troops, but no one within the Iraqi government, including those who were in favor of survival, such as Barzani and the Kurds, were not willing to go to parliament to enact a law in this regard to ensure the legal immunity for our soldiers, so we are in America, we were not ready to leave our troops in Iraq without access to such immunity. “

Washington has been leading for nearly two years an international alliance of 60 countries to face Daash in Syria and Iraq, are waging a coalition air strikes consistently against the organization on a daily basis, but the views in Washington about the different organization’s ability after all those raids.

The head of the US intelligence establishment, Joe Brennan, last week in a session of Congress, “After two years of Garatna, still Daash wants to send suicide bombers to the United States and European countries, Daash is still strong,” and on this matter said Biden, “Daash he can not now progress and the occupation of territories, as previously, Daash what he wants now is to form a group of 17 Andhara or groups of four elements, and to find suicide bombers in exchange for 3.4 million dollars, to be sent to countries such as America and the European countries. “

According to what was said by US officials, it has restored 60 percent of Iraq’s territory and 20 percent of Syrian territory, which was controlled by Daash during the past two years.

Putin does not know how to save himself from this hell

On the Syrian issue, despite the fact that Biden stressed “the need to help the opposition,” but expressed concern that they do not know who will come after Assad.

Biden said, “I’m not with that interfere militarily in Syria, Russia and Putin is victorious never Ptdechlhm in Syria, they are now in a position flopped do not know how to save themselves from this hell, at a cost of billions of dollars.”

Vice President Bush not only against military intervention, it is also not with the establishment of no-fly zone in Syrian territory, a key demand of Turkey.

Biden pointed out between him and the Turkish government talks, said, “Every time I met with the leaders of Turkey, they were talking about why we are not prepared to help in the creation of no-fly zone in Syria, we complain that we do not help them, you tell them: You force in NATO, and you have many heavy weapons and fighters on the border, so why not do the job yourselves, nor do you use your troops, they were silent immediately, and be prepared to take responsibility. “


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