Barzani, the Kurdish forces calling for a meeting on independence and to start a dialogue with Baghdad

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[Oan- Baghdad] 

, called on the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, on Thursday all forces and Kurdish parties to convene a special meeting to hold a referendum on the Kurdistan region, and to determine next steps.

Barzani said in a statement that “pass situation in the region a new phase, and according to all indications, there are great changes to come,” adding that ” the people of Kurdistan and his experience in front of a sensitive and decisive phase, you can not miss this unique opportunity for our people, and that of the Centre for the people of Kurdistan today at the international level agreed and clear, achieved great victories in the war against terrorism, the efforts of the Peshmerga heroes and thanks to the blood of our martyrs, and the steadfastness of the people of Kurdistan and the support of allies, the terrorists suffered significant defeats, but risks remain. ” 

He emphasized , ” we do not have at this stage, that is my name and the holiest of the right of the goal self – determination and independence, and we must not allow this crucial issue become a victim of the differences and internal conflicts, so I call on all political forces to take necessary measures as soon as to find a national consensus on the issue of the referendum and independence, the first step is to start a dialogue frank and brotherly with Baghdad. ” 

Barzani said ” with this goal, we call on all forces and parties to convene a special meeting to hold the referendum, and to determine the next steps, and this will continue to be the target of the Presidium of the region with all parties.”

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