Abadi address a letter to “Doaash politics” and underlines the lack of backing away from reforms


Thursday 23-06-2016 | 2:41:48

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Twilight News / new Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, move his government in the implementation of reforms and the fight against financial corruption in government departments and institutions.

Ebadi said in a speech during a large gathering of the clans of Najaf, said “Daash external project but our heroes sacrifice aborted the project, pointing to what he called” the existence of Doaash corruption, policy and media. ”

Abadi and expressed surprise at “some of the channels that gone crazy the closer to victory and this was evident in the liberation of Fallujah.”

And “We we will hold all of the killing of Iraqis, bloodshed and we are in a time when we liberate the land, we are re-life, service and stability of the liberated areas.”

He stressed Sistani recommendations “to save lives and property.”

The face of the “Message to Doaash politics,” according to the statement, saying that “we will not retreat from the reforms will not back down from the fight against corruption and reforms acquisition of medicine healing outcome.”

He concluded by saying that “the reforms that we have begun in the security services paid off in the fortunes of our heroine in spite of the difficulties we are experiencing

العبادي يوجه رسالة الى “دواعش السياسة” ويؤكد عدم تراجعه عن الاصلاحات


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