Ambassador: United States “proud” of Iraqi victories on Daash


The US ambassador in Baghdad, any Stewart Jones
18/06/2016 18:30

BAGHDAD / tomorrow Press:

He praised the US ambassador to Iraq, Stuart Jones, on Saturday, the latest triumphs of the Iraqi security forces in Fallujah.

Jones said, in a statement received “Tomorrow Press”, a copy of it, that “. The progress that has been achieved in Fallujah, which is the first city occupied by Daash, demonstrates once again the ability of Iraqi security forces to defeat the regulation on the battlefield.”

He noted that the United States is proud of its leadership of the international coalition efforts in supporting the victories of the Iraqi security forces, including the sound of air strikes in Fallujah. “

He stressed that “the United States will continue to provide military support for Iraq in order to defeat Bdaash will also continue to provide humanitarian aid to the relief of those who have been displaced from their homes.”

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