NATO tentatively agreed to train Iraqi officers in their own country


Khandan – ministers agreed NATO defense on Wednesday in principle to train Iraqi officers in their country, but the United States considered that the alliance to do more to defeat al “Daash” terrorist faster.

The Ministers recommended that the alliance begins to train officers in the Iraqi army inside the country through the extension of the training mission centered in Jordan, according to Radio “Sawa”.

He said NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg The goal is to give consent in Warsaw summit, when leaders of states and governments of the 28 members of the alliance meet in the eighth and ninth of next month.

Despite the insistence of the United States, procrastinating members of the alliance on the issue of the use of aircraft equipped with reconnaissance system “AWACS” of the Atlantic to support coalition operations in Iraq and Syria, having promised in May to study the possibility aircraft flight over Turkey and the Mediterranean Sea to form what looks like a bow on Iraq, Syria and Libya in particular .

Washington has demanded months its partners in the international coalition against “Daash” Since NATO is an independent organization to do more to fight militants in Syria and Iraq.

And it rejects the countries of the alliance adhere directly to the international coalition, and at this stage does not only want to provide quality assistance.

The US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter expressed the hope that the resolutions will be discussed in the next month, he said he sees “greater opportunities” for the alliance’s involvement in the international coalition operations.

He said before leaving the meeting, “praised the debate that goes on around him, but I think that NATO can do more to speed up the defeat al Daash.”

NATO trains Iraqi officers in the field of military medicine mines and improvised explosive devices and military planning and disarmament, but from one of the rules in Jordan.

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