Member of the parliamentary financial oversight stresses letters of guarantee to prevent the theft of banks


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[Oan- Baghdad]
stressed the parliamentary finance committee member, on the need to tighten controls in the letters of guarantee provided by the government to the banks after adjusting the number of the forged ones to pull billions ofAldnanaar.
He said Jabbar al – Abadi told all of Iraq [where] that “letters of counterfeit security is not necessarily coming from an official bank, but also need to follow more to identify bugs are government banks vulnerable to theft by which.”
The Integrity Commission announced yesterday that enable them to thwart an attempt to steal seven billion and 500 million dinars from Alravedan- Bank funds Waziriya in Baghdad branch.
According to a statement of the body received [where] a copy of it , “it was to obtain information indicating that there is a letter of guarantee forged in the Rafidain Bank – branch Alozyreh- 341 worth 7.5 billion dinars submitted by a Ministry staff industry and minerals / General Company for the automotive industry and one of the merchants who edited the letter of guarantee in his name after receiving a public company for the automotive industry approval and equipment to sell cars and mechanisms in installments for two years in exchange for providing thecompany with a letter of guarantee worth the amount mentioned by the government bank. ”

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