Abadi Office: Choking Daash inside Fallujah and spare Amadadtha [Extended]


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spokesman MTB Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi , “said our security forces to clamp down on terrorist gangs Daash inside Fallujah and cut Amadadtha.”
A spokesman for the office , Saad al – Hadithi in the daily briefing he received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Tuesday that the “liberation of Fallujah operations continue valiant armed forces and formations chock have achieved continuous progress and not a day goes by, but is the restoration of new areas and the liberalization ofother areas of control terrorism , “noting that” our forces were able to narrow down on terrorists within the city ofFalluja and freed all the areas surrounding the city and cut off supply Daash terrorist lines and hit the gasket arbitrator him and regained some neighborhoods inside Fallujah and is now in the process of applying for therestoration of other neighborhoods and to expand the area that was edited in the city . ”
he pointed newborn that” in the framework of continuous supervision and constant care to follow the course of the fighting in Fallujah by the general commander of the armed forces , Haider al – Abadi, has been ordered to form two committees: the first is concerned with side and humanitarian move to provide the needs of the displaced families and secure restore stability to the liberated areas kits and second: to investigate the allegations of obtaining abuses and violations against displaced persons and to follow up the pieces of combat efforts in receiving displaced persons and securing them to the safe evacuation centers and relief and accelerate security checking procedures to ensure the integrity of the position of the displaced men and young people , and to dash them Bdaash terrorist. ”
He continued by saying that” the government It stresses that it is serious in pursuing any violation could get against civilians from the people of Fallujah and prosecute the traffickers through legal and judicial procedures adopted in dealing with such cases, and can not tolerate the perpetrators or to condone them , and this is part of alegal obligation the moral and falls within the framework of the national responsibility of the government. ”
the newborn,” the government is very keen to give sorting between terrorists and civilians defenseless importance paramount process. the war against terrorism is a war of all Iraqis and win the expeditious where and who began Bashairh looming through the significant progress in Fallujah as well as through the start of progress in the Strip connector operations mainly depends on the unity of Iraqis and Tkacvhm and renounce sectarians of all those who seek to steal the joy back victories for our troops sacrificing for the sake of all Iraqis. ”
and the newborn” in the context of the vision of the existing Iraqi government to establish relations Foreign Affairs on the basis of sound and establish normal relations to address past mistakes inherited from the era of the Baathist regime of the former solve existing problems and to correct the course of these relations in order to ensure itsdependence on balanced rules, so as to achieve mutual interests and non – interference in internal affairs and coordinate efforts in the war on terrorism and confirm the government ‘s keenness to establish better relations with brotherly and friendly countries, including Kuwait and the Council of Ministers approved in its final to lift thesignal not to act in place of the Office of the presidency of the Republic dissolved in 1995 on properties Kuwaiti real estate in the absence of a judicial mind, a meeting booking properties Iraqi real estate to raise based on the principle of reciprocity enshrined in international laws, in force in the bilateral relations between the countries. ”
he explained that” this decision was made to confirm fulfill the Iraqi government and mutual obligations with theState of Kuwait and to enhance the brotherly relations and good neighborliness turn the page on the past. ”
he concluded , spokesman Abadi office by saying , ” Nasheed the role of the media in the battle and the importance of word and image in the highlight tournaments fervent fighters and transport realities of the battlefield and torefute rumors that floated from here or there Fethiye for the souls of the martyrs of the press photographers and war correspondents, especially in the liberation of Fallujah operation, who joined Bkkbh martyrs of the press and a tribute to their families sacrificial that deserve the utmost attention and care. ”

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