Yazidi Kurdish delegation to the United States and meet Ki-moon


Wednesday 15-06-2016 | 11:58:28

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Twilight News / announced Mayor of Sinjar in Nineveh province Mahma Khalil, said on Wednesday that a delegation Cordillera Yazidi visit the United States in the coming days, pointing out that the delegation will meet with the public Balskurtir the United Nations Ban Ki-moon and a number of US officials.

Khalil said in a press statement, said that due to the delegation Kurdish Yazidi head in the 20 of this month to the United States, adding that the delegation will meet with the Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon, declaring that the delegation will be presented to the concerned authorities regarding the demands of the group the reconstruction of Sinjar and the definition of what happened to the Yezidis collective Kabadh file.

He stated that the delegation would meet before heading to the United States, with the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani to discuss the demands that Saardunha officials in Washington and New York details.

وفد كوردي إيزيدي الى الولايات المتحدة ولقاء كي مون


US spokesman: Iraqi forces entered Fallujah


Iraqi forces in Fallujah

Iraqi forces in Fallujah

Chris Garver, a spokesman for the international coalition against al Daash Islamic state, said Wednesday that Iraqi forces have taken up positions inside Fallujah, but was unable to besiege completely yet.

Garver said during a conference by video from Baghdad, saying: “It was a tough battle” to control the “beachhead” in the south of the city, and Iraqi forces are trying to “expand it now.”

Tens of thousands of civilians still trapped in the city, Valhrb extremely dangerous because of IEDs and snipers who target them, according to Agence France-Presse.

The number of civilians who manage to flee the city, but accused the security forces, especially elements of the factions of the popular crowd, committing all sorts of violations.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has confirmed that a total of 43,470 people were displaced from Fallujah since the offensive began on 23 May / May last.

These forces began three weeks ago, an offensive to regain control of Fallujah, one of the main strongholds of the jihadists, which lies 50 kilometers away from Baghdad.

Saadi: qualitative progress

He announced the commander of the Fallujah operations Lt. Gen. Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi on Wednesday that the joint forces had made progress “qualitatively” access to Fallujah’s city center.

Saadi and the team said in a statement the “Radio” Sawa “that the very close distance between the units of joint operations and government complex, reaching sectors to sixtieth Street on the south-west axis, and to forty Street on the center axis.

And on the east axis, the group al-Saadi said that Iraqi forces have become close to the industrial district, pointing to liberate the southern axis completely.

Saadi, speaking for “Radio Sawa”:


Baghdad respond to the offer of Arbil oil

Wednesday 15-06-2016 | 11:54:18

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Twilight News / refund, spokesman for Iraqi Prime Minister Saad al-Hadithi, on Wednesday, the offer made by the Kurdistan Regional Government on the conclusion of a new oil agreement between Arbil and Baghdad.

A spokesman for the provincial government Sven Dzia readiness Arbil to conclude a new agreement whereby the region to export oil through the tube to the Turkish port of Ceyhan and deliver revenue to Baghdad in return for the recent allocation of billion dollars a month for the region, Sabri replied to the offer as a display of the flags of all. There are no new attempt the agreement.

Sabri said in a televised interview (with the Kurdish NRT Channel) that his government confirms that the oil belongs to the Iraqi people and the entire revenue should be divided equally among them, as he put it.


Abadi discuss with the World Health Organization improve the health aspect of the country


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News Search Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, with the regional office of the Organization for International Health Director Aladdin Alwan, improve the health aspect of development of the country.
A statement by the Prime Minister ‘s Office and the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it, that Abadi met in his office on Wednesday, the regional office of the International Health Director Aladdin Alwan, During the meeting , they discussed cooperation with the international organization and a review of its work during the previous period, for providing health services to the displaced in addition to its role in improving the developmental aspect of the health of thecountry. ”
He said Alwan, according to the statement, the” continuation of the organization to provide health assistance to the displaced people of Anbar and Mosul and the reduction of the spread of disease , “.anthy


Tamimi: Call the province to deliver the oil in return billion dollars a month against the budget


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[Oan- Baghdad]
said a member of the parliamentary finance committee Majida al – Tamimi, an invitation KRG and the federal government to hand over his share of oil exports in exchange for billion dollars a month , “contrary to the law of the financial budget and the oil agreement between Baghdad and Erbil.”
Said al – Tamimi told all of Iraq [where] that ” the budget law should be respected and the Kurdistan region is part of Iraq and therefore can not deal with each province or territory on the unit.”
It showed that ” the oil accord in the budget between Baghdad and Erbil is the delivery of oil in exchange forrevenue, this call needs to be an amendment to the budget law because it will push the governorates other for this claim as well. ”
I promised Tamimi this is a call the province” without realism. ”
a spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional government, he said on Wednesday that” the region is ready to conclude an agreement with the central government in Baghdad on increase oil exports if guaranteed them a monthly income of one billion dollars. ”
said Sven Daza Yei provincial government spokesman told Reuters, that” the region would be willing to sell oil on the road to Baghdad if I got on a monthly billion share of the federal budget. ” the
central government has stopped in Iraq in March / March oil exports through Kurdish pipeline with Turkey to putpressure on local authorities to resume talks on oil revenue sharing agreement.
and are usually issued NOC run by the Iraqi government of 150 thousand barrels per day through the pipeline that connects to the Turkish port of Ceyhan on the Mediterranean , which the company.

NATO tentatively agreed to train Iraqi officers in their own country


Khandan – ministers agreed NATO defense on Wednesday in principle to train Iraqi officers in their country, but the United States considered that the alliance to do more to defeat al “Daash” terrorist faster.

The Ministers recommended that the alliance begins to train officers in the Iraqi army inside the country through the extension of the training mission centered in Jordan, according to Radio “Sawa”.

He said NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg The goal is to give consent in Warsaw summit, when leaders of states and governments of the 28 members of the alliance meet in the eighth and ninth of next month.

Despite the insistence of the United States, procrastinating members of the alliance on the issue of the use of aircraft equipped with reconnaissance system “AWACS” of the Atlantic to support coalition operations in Iraq and Syria, having promised in May to study the possibility aircraft flight over Turkey and the Mediterranean Sea to form what looks like a bow on Iraq, Syria and Libya in particular .

Washington has demanded months its partners in the international coalition against “Daash” Since NATO is an independent organization to do more to fight militants in Syria and Iraq.

And it rejects the countries of the alliance adhere directly to the international coalition, and at this stage does not only want to provide quality assistance.

The US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter expressed the hope that the resolutions will be discussed in the next month, he said he sees “greater opportunities” for the alliance’s involvement in the international coalition operations.

He said before leaving the meeting, “praised the debate that goes on around him, but I think that NATO can do more to speed up the defeat al Daash.”

NATO trains Iraqi officers in the field of military medicine mines and improvised explosive devices and military planning and disarmament, but from one of the rules in Jordan.


Member of the parliamentary financial oversight stresses letters of guarantee to prevent the theft of banks


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[Oan- Baghdad]
stressed the parliamentary finance committee member, on the need to tighten controls in the letters of guarantee provided by the government to the banks after adjusting the number of the forged ones to pull billions ofAldnanaar.
He said Jabbar al – Abadi told all of Iraq [where] that “letters of counterfeit security is not necessarily coming from an official bank, but also need to follow more to identify bugs are government banks vulnerable to theft by which.”
The Integrity Commission announced yesterday that enable them to thwart an attempt to steal seven billion and 500 million dinars from Alravedan- Bank funds Waziriya in Baghdad branch.
According to a statement of the body received [where] a copy of it , “it was to obtain information indicating that there is a letter of guarantee forged in the Rafidain Bank – branch Alozyreh- 341 worth 7.5 billion dinars submitted by a Ministry staff industry and minerals / General Company for the automotive industry and one of the merchants who edited the letter of guarantee in his name after receiving a public company for the automotive industry approval and equipment to sell cars and mechanisms in installments for two years in exchange for providing thecompany with a letter of guarantee worth the amount mentioned by the government bank. ”

Kanani: World Bank conditions dealt with the government, “the previous mistakes.”



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Special – balances News

Detecting committee member of the parliamentary Economy Ahmed Kanani, Wednesday, that the World Bank conditions treated errors experienced by the government during the previous years.

He said Kanani’s / balances News /, that “the conditions of the World Bank put the Iraqi government on the correct approach to raise the economic level,” pointing out that “these conditions are dealt with the government’s mistakes that passed by the government during the previous years.”

He added, “The receipt of the loan terms are subject to controls by the direction of the loan,” he said. “The World Bank is setting the direction for the loans.”

The parliamentary Finance Committee promised, earlier, IMF loan means the recovery of the economy Alaraca.anthy 29

From: Haidar Almitm



IMF Reliefs Chronic Struggles of Iraq



Following long negotiations, Iraq has agreed on applying the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) measures to receive loans of $5.4 billion over three years to help the country on surviving a liquidity crisis led by the decline of revenues in line with the significant global drop of oil prices.

Mazhar Mohammad Saleh, the prime minister’s economic adviser, said that the agreement reached last May between Iraq and the IMF is ongoing according to the plan.

Saleh added that the Iraqi government has approved the measures during last week’s meeting and informed the IMF, and that the government expects the bank’s board to approve on paying the first sum of the loan, worth $600 million, by the end of June or the beginning of July.

The loan is expected to be distributed on 13 categories over three years till June 2019, and to be settled over eight years including three years of tolerance, with an interest rate of 1-1.3 per cent, based on the country’s borrowing amount.

The measures on which Iraq agreed include the settlement of all delayed debts of foreign oil companies working in the country by the end of 2016. Iraq, member state of OPEC, seeks to get the international community’s support following the decline of its revenues caused by the drop of oil prices since June 2014. The sharp fall of oil revenues led to a hike in the budget deficit and a delay in paying the dues of foreign oil companies.

The IMF has agreed in May on extending Iraq a loan that worth $5.4 billion over three years, but required the government to implement measures to reduce the budget expenditure, increase the non-oil revenues, and pay the delayed dues of foreign oil companies.

Saleh said that the economic vital reforms include an increase of taxes, electricity fees, and the promotion of banking censure to combat corruption and money laundering. He added that those reforms also require control in the governmental institutions, review of inflated salaries of public sector workers to put an end to the phenomenon of paying undeserved salaries.

Haider al-Abadi, Iraqi prime minister previously said that his country is suffering from a hard economic condition caused by the drop of oil prices in the global markets, and pointed that his government moved toward promoting the fields of agriculture, industry, and tourism, to diversify the revenues depending on the oil exports.

The Iraqi government has raised the sale taxes on the exported commodities, aiming at enhancing the financial revenues to alleviate the financial crisis in the country. But, till this day it is still unable to provide the revenues needed to fund the budget.

The sharp drop in global oil prices since 2014 comes while Iraq needs more resources to combat ISIS that controlled large areas in the western and northern parts of the country, and displaced around four million people. The oil prices have raised and the barrel has reached more than $50, compared with $27 in January. Yet, prices remain significantly below the levels registered in June 2014, when the barrel’s price reached $115.

The Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari said that the agreement with the IMF will open doors for $18 billion-grants over three years. He noted that the donning parties include the World Bank, and the G7, along with the International Monetary Fund. Zebari said that Iraq expects to sell international bonds worth $2 billion in Q4 2016, in line with the global grant flow, which will reduce the burden of borrowing. The last time Iraq sold international debt tools was in 2006, when it issued bonds that reached $2.7 billion and postponed them till 2028 with 5.8% revenue.

Oil revenues represent around 95% of the country’s income, which made Iraq suffer from an economic crisis. The government expects the financial deficit to reach $25 billion during 2016, in a $100 billion budget, due to the drop of oil prices by more than 50% since 2014, in addition to the costs of the country’s war against ISIS.

Abadi Office: Choking Daash inside Fallujah and spare Amadadtha [Extended]


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spokesman MTB Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi , “said our security forces to clamp down on terrorist gangs Daash inside Fallujah and cut Amadadtha.”
A spokesman for the office , Saad al – Hadithi in the daily briefing he received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Tuesday that the “liberation of Fallujah operations continue valiant armed forces and formations chock have achieved continuous progress and not a day goes by, but is the restoration of new areas and the liberalization ofother areas of control terrorism , “noting that” our forces were able to narrow down on terrorists within the city ofFalluja and freed all the areas surrounding the city and cut off supply Daash terrorist lines and hit the gasket arbitrator him and regained some neighborhoods inside Fallujah and is now in the process of applying for therestoration of other neighborhoods and to expand the area that was edited in the city . ”
he pointed newborn that” in the framework of continuous supervision and constant care to follow the course of the fighting in Fallujah by the general commander of the armed forces , Haider al – Abadi, has been ordered to form two committees: the first is concerned with side and humanitarian move to provide the needs of the displaced families and secure restore stability to the liberated areas kits and second: to investigate the allegations of obtaining abuses and violations against displaced persons and to follow up the pieces of combat efforts in receiving displaced persons and securing them to the safe evacuation centers and relief and accelerate security checking procedures to ensure the integrity of the position of the displaced men and young people , and to dash them Bdaash terrorist. ”
He continued by saying that” the government It stresses that it is serious in pursuing any violation could get against civilians from the people of Fallujah and prosecute the traffickers through legal and judicial procedures adopted in dealing with such cases, and can not tolerate the perpetrators or to condone them , and this is part of alegal obligation the moral and falls within the framework of the national responsibility of the government. ”
the newborn,” the government is very keen to give sorting between terrorists and civilians defenseless importance paramount process. the war against terrorism is a war of all Iraqis and win the expeditious where and who began Bashairh looming through the significant progress in Fallujah as well as through the start of progress in the Strip connector operations mainly depends on the unity of Iraqis and Tkacvhm and renounce sectarians of all those who seek to steal the joy back victories for our troops sacrificing for the sake of all Iraqis. ”
and the newborn” in the context of the vision of the existing Iraqi government to establish relations Foreign Affairs on the basis of sound and establish normal relations to address past mistakes inherited from the era of the Baathist regime of the former solve existing problems and to correct the course of these relations in order to ensure itsdependence on balanced rules, so as to achieve mutual interests and non – interference in internal affairs and coordinate efforts in the war on terrorism and confirm the government ‘s keenness to establish better relations with brotherly and friendly countries, including Kuwait and the Council of Ministers approved in its final to lift thesignal not to act in place of the Office of the presidency of the Republic dissolved in 1995 on properties Kuwaiti real estate in the absence of a judicial mind, a meeting booking properties Iraqi real estate to raise based on the principle of reciprocity enshrined in international laws, in force in the bilateral relations between the countries. ”
he explained that” this decision was made to confirm fulfill the Iraqi government and mutual obligations with theState of Kuwait and to enhance the brotherly relations and good neighborliness turn the page on the past. ”
he concluded , spokesman Abadi office by saying , ” Nasheed the role of the media in the battle and the importance of word and image in the highlight tournaments fervent fighters and transport realities of the battlefield and torefute rumors that floated from here or there Fethiye for the souls of the martyrs of the press photographers and war correspondents, especially in the liberation of Fallujah operation, who joined Bkkbh martyrs of the press and a tribute to their families sacrificial that deserve the utmost attention and care. ”