Council decides to disable Babylon consistently every Thursday during Ramadan



Council decides to disable Babylon consistently every Thursday during Ramadan

Nur News / Babylon
Council decided to Babil province, on Tuesday, the official working disabled every Thursday during the month of Ramadan.
A source in the Council’s “light News”, that “the provincial council decided to disrupt the official working hours on Thursday of each week during the month of Ramadan, due to high temperatures.”
The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, announced (June 5 this), reduction of working hours of all official circles one hour during the month of Ramadan.

Start distributing the Kurdistan Region salaries for the month of May


By Roudao 23 minutes ago
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Roudao – Erbil

The Ministry of Finance and Economy announced in the Kurdistan Regional Government, initiated the distribution of the salaries of the month of May to the staff of the province.

The ministry said in a statement Roudao Media Network received a copy of it, it will start distributing the Ministry of Peshmerga salaries.

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The Ministry of Finance and Economy will direct the distribution of the Office of the Ministry of Peshmerga salaries and Oleutha on Thursday, 16/06/2016.

Hakim US ambassador: breaches of Fallujah condemned individual and not systematic

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[Where – Baghdad]
Search head of the Iraqi Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al – Hakim, on Tuesday, with the US ambassador to Iraq , Stuart Jones developments in the security and political situation and the war on Daash.
A statement by the media for his office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today that al – Hakim “received at his office in Baghdad on Tuesday , US Ambassador Stuart Jones, and discussed with him thedevelopments of the security and political situation in Iraq and the region.”
Between Hakim said “what happened in America recently assaulted adopters Daash gang confirms what we warned him that terrorism imminent danger to everyone and cross-border and there is no state is immune from it if they wanted to beat him, “calling for” greater seriousness in the face of terrorism and confront it in terms of ideas and funding. ”
Hakim pointed to” the battle of Mosul and Fallujah, confirming Fallujah battles one of the cleanest and violations proved that it does not live up to the level of the curriculum but remain an individual attempts toconvict and we have to obtain the perpetrators justly punished. ”

Urgent Cabinet called entitlements Contractors


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[Where – Baghdad]
ratified the Council of Ministers on Tuesday to authorize the Ministry of Finance , regardless dues Contractors through the issuance of treasury bonds and 40% of them as a down payment and until the end of the Audit Court of Audit that are processed Consolidated annual allocations at the end of the fiscal year and incoordination with the Ministry of planning and that the formation of a higher committee of experts to identify projects follow ..

The withdrawal of 27 deputies from the front Reform



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Special – balances News

MP for Bader’s parliamentary bloc Razak al-Haidari, Tuesday, for the withdrawal of 27 deputies from inside the front of the reform, while the likely withdrawal of another group of them.

He said al-Haidari’s / balances News /, that “there is a political movement from some quarters to contain the parliamentary crisis,” adding that “nearly 27 deputies from the Reform Front announced their joining to the House of Representatives and their enrollment in college sessions of the Council.”

He added, “But the number of withdrawal within 90 deputies may resolve the crisis,” he said, adding that “the rest of them will form an opposition front in parliament.”

He suggested “the withdrawal of a number of other MPs reform front of them attributing the cause to the absence of the rule in addition to the lack of a unified program will exist alongside of weakness, which works on the withdrawal of a new set from the front.”

He pointed out that “the existence of 50 opposition deputies would be more feasible to work Parliament to pressure the government in the field of censorship.” is over

From: Nur al-Din Wahba


Iraqi military operation to restore a village near Mosul, Camp Liberation


Tuesday 14-06-2016 | 2:08:40

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Twilight News / Iraqi military forces launched the operation to free the village to spend a drunken, where a large camp for the Liberation of the city of Mosul.

An officer of the Twilight News, said the operation was launched this morning to liberate the village of victory by elements of the Iraqi army brigade 91 72 37 brigade.

He said the operation with the support of the international coalition airline

عملية عسكرية عراقية لاستعادة قرية قرب معسكر تحرير الموصل

Urgent .. Iraqi troops liberated the site of Daash the support of the US Apache


Tuesday 14-06-2016 | 2:19:56

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Twilight News / Iraqi forces managed to restore a village near Mosul edit camp, just hours after the start of the military operation with the support of international aviation.

An officer of the Twilight News, said the military forces, backed coalition aircraft liberate a village south of Mosul within a victory of the Western drunken axis.

He added that the process engaged by Apache helicopters provided in particular in support of the offer for General armadillos 37 Daash sites.
Announced America yesterday it launched strikes against Daash using Apache helicopter for the first time since President Barack Obama authorized for use in offensive operations earlier this year.