Details of regular meeting held by the Cabinet today

14-06-2016 02:15 PM

The regular meeting of the Cabinet held Tuesday and ministers attend spotter Kurds after they suspended their participation following controversy over the demonstrators stormed Parliament on 30 April and beaten for Parliament as a response.

The Cabinet statement said that the meeting chaired by Prime Minister Haider Abadi.

The meeting was attended by Ministers of the Kurds ‘-Zibari ‘ culture and tourism impacts ‘ fryad raonodzi ‘ and Minister of immigration and displaced persons.

During the meeting, the Cabinet approved a series of resolutions, which was awaiting approval by the Council, which agreed to authorize the Ministry of finance disbursement of contractors through issuing treasury bonds and 40% as a down payment,

until the Office of financial supervision of scrutiny that the unified annual customizations are processed at the end of the fiscal year and in coordination with the Ministry of planning and forming a higher Committee of experts to identify projects.

As you lift the Cabinet during its day, badge not to act on the Kuwaiti property found in Iraq provided no judicial impediment meeting release of Iraqi property real estate
And approved by the Ministry of higher education and research in a number of popular crowd considers giving vehicles.

With us, granted Iraqi nationality, to the requirements of public interest and according to the book of the Ministry of youth and sports

Also approved a memorandum of understanding between the Iraqi Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Tunisia on the exemption of diplomatic passports or visa service

Finally, the State Department’s recommendation akralmgls on the open a Consulate of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Basra, according to the provisions of article 26 of the Foreign Service Act 45 almrkon for 2008 Iraq Republic reserves the right to open an Honorary Consulate in the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the future according to the principle of reciprocity.


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