Defense: the imminent arrival of weapons and equipment from the international coalition


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[Oan- Baghdad]
announced that the Iraqi Ministry of Defense, the imminent arrival of weapons and equipment from theinternational coalition to Iraq.
A statement by the ministry , said Army Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Othman al – Ghanemi, search Tuesday, with Gen. Halmirs deputy commander of the international coalition forces, and Gen. McCain , director of Office of Security Cooperation in Iraq, supporting Iraqi forces through processing equipment, weapons and equipment that will reach as soon as possible to perpetuate battlefield momentum and achieve a brilliant victory. ”
as the two sides discussed” the conduct of military operations in the city of Fallujah and the role of the Alliance in support of military operations for all sectors of operations, and the training of Iraqi forces.
He praised Gen. Halmirs according to a statement of defense “great triumphs of the Iraqi forces to terrorist Daash gangs, as He commended the great role of the military establishment in the formulation of plans and move military units of the band armored ninth pinned down in the Trooping the area , accompanied by the rest of the other security forces , which is preparing to resolve the battle of Mosul. “



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