Urgent .. army frees part of the villages, “Haj Ali” south of Mosul


Monday 13-06-2016 | 6:17:09

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Twilight News / source in the leadership of the Liberation of Nineveh operations said on Monday that the army was able to make further progress south of the city of Mosul and regain control of the areas controlled by the terrorist organization Daash.

The source said the Twilight News, Iraqi army forces, backed by air from the international coalition aircraft managed to free the village of Khirbet Cantaloupe within villages Haj Ali, south of Mosul.

Iraqi army forces stormed earlier in the day villages south of the city of Mosul strategy, which is battling with the terrorist organization Daash there.

A source in the Nineveh operations command for Twilight News, he said the military cuts in the band 15 and 37 Armored Brigade and the attribution of the international coalition aircraft raided villages Haj Ali, south of Mosul.

The military official revealed on Sunday for the southern city of Mosul to isolate areas for Salahuddin province.

The governor of Nineveh Nofal Sultan announced yesterday morning for the start of a military operation to free the villages south of Mosul.

He said the Sultan of Twilight News, and among these “battle will be very different from previous battles, especially after the arrival of the post Armored Brigade, which arrived a few days ago to a drunk driving where edit Nineveh operations headquarters.”

For his part, the commander of Nineveh operations Najim al-Jubouri for Twilight News, said the security forces were able to break the first line to block militants Daash and enter the village, the ruins of the hand Qayyarah south of Mosul Jabr

Meanwhile, a military source said the Twilight News, said the crowd tribal Iraqi army take part in military operations and the pieces stand on the outskirts of the villages devastated cantaloupe, Haj Ali, south of Mosul.


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