Urgent Abadi Office: Prime Minister still oversees the editing Fallujah operations


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government spokesman Saad al – Hadithi said , “Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi still oversees the operations of the liberation of Fallujah during his stay with the fighters , ” followed ..

US Bank expects the price of Brent to $ 70


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expect Bank of America Merrill Lynch to reach the world ‘s oil price of Brent crude to $ 70 a barrel in mid -2017.
He said that “it is expected that the average crude price of $ 61 a barrel in the next year with the global oil market turned into a deficit.”


Keywords: waiting for a law reveals the source of funds deposited

The Central Bank Governor Dr. On the Keywords for compliance with the World Bank of the liberalization of capital and edit the current account and this leads to not refrain from selling the dollar at auction currency as long as the citizen pays dinars to buy it as we are continuing the auction currency to maintain Asagrar dollar and the Iraqi dinar in the market price.
He said at a seminar Center for Mesopotamia for strategic Studies addressed the international Monetary Fund loan to the law in the House ofRepresentatives are waiting for approval gives the central bank the question about the source of money and struggling money laundering.
Keywords added that the problem in Iraq is that state revenues depend on foreign revenues derived from the sale of oil, and low productive base in the country, what drives the government to borrow with the weakness of the possibility of payment in a timely manner, noting that this contrary to what is happening in stable countries financially where being leveraged and payment within the set time – bound programs and consider borrowing an essential part of state resources for the implementation of their projects.
economic management
and said that stability economic any country is based on three departments (political, institutional, economic) , emphasis was placed on economic management as a tool for harmony and coordination between monetary and fiscal policy and which can be diagnosed cases of the defect, and that monetary policy is one of the main tasks of the Central Bank , which aims to control the money supply and that weakness in this area lead to inflation and price instability in general.
He Keywords that public spending in Iraq is determined in accordance with the resources generated by the state, and that 90 percent of them representing the oil revenues, whereby whenever the oil revenues , the more expanded states in spending this would create future commitments to the state and as an example Taanat staff. And that the ideal situation for creating stability is achieved when balanced local expenditures with local revenues.
head of the Baghdad Economic Forum Faris Al Salman said in his speech: Although the central bank has succeeded in a good foreign cash reserve building in order to mitigate the economic shocks and absorb But Iraq faced represented an economic hurricane terrorizing «Daash» and what form of consumption of the financial ability of the state toward arming and funding the war against terrorism as well as the destruction ofinfrastructure in many provinces and the displacement of the population, which in turn added new economic burdens on the government.
he said Iraq is fighting terrorism on its territory on behalf of the the world it is the duty of the Iraqi government ‘s quest to seek UN resolution isbinding on countries in the world that holds their nationalities terrorists because they are citizens with the help of Iraq , financially and militarily and economically to finance the fight against terrorism , not leave it borrows money to pay its employees ‘ salaries.
He noted that the world Bank , the law also stipulates the need to question the citizen who wants to open the account or who wants to buy thedollar for the source of his money and hardly Iraq is the only country that does not apply this law and that of the duties of the central bank to combat money laundering.
chairman of the Forum of that there are income tax law since the former regime allows the question about the source of income and money and thus avoid «instruments of volatile» and will not advance to buy the currency , but sincere and trader true that request to buy the dollar fall through the auction currency and as a result we maintain hard currency reserves, a proposal to form a work cell at the Central Bank include: theCentral Bank, the General Administration of Customs, the General Administration of taxation, the financial Inspection Office, Chancellery national security, and the judge ‘s penalty, and is verified request to buy the currency with immediate effect by specialty representative of each department and in the case of a (Mnafist) forged the judge Issadrh as based on a criminal and reserves amount to buy hard currency attached to it.
income tax
economist Bassem Jamil stressed the need to send signals to the citizens to attract their savings chunky in homes and cabinets and turn it into asavings investment, and that by raising the interest of the citizen rate to 10 percent or more borrowing , rather than from external sources, as well as the need for follow – up sale of dollar sales and whether subject to the channels of the fight against money laundering and anti – smuggling, and it is paid by the income tax? To be an internal resource for the budget. As for Dr. Jacob Joseph Shonia said , in order to reduce the gap between local expenditure and local revenue to stabilize, there ‘s assets amounts to sizeable possible to contribute to the improvement of the ratio between local expenditure and local revenue through the sale of productive units defunct of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals , or turn it into amixed joint stock companies form a partnership between the public and private sectors and the number of these plants exceeds two hundred factory note that the legal basis for the conversion process is available in public institutions Act No. 22 of 1997.
He urged to move about the mineral wealth of any investment formats available, perhaps there is willingness by some foreign companies interested in paying payments at the expense of future mineral activity, as well as a survey of the needs of Iraq’s infrastructure projects and therequirements of the reconstruction of the affected towns and displaced persons and other compensation, and in the light of that set priorities for the use of loan amounts earned by Iraq and highlighted in the supplementary budgets. Also it must determine the amount of the deficit suffered by Iraq now and in the foreseeable future in order to take into account in the coming years plans.


Citizen reveal new reform steps to Ebadi



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Special – balances News

MP for the Bloc citizen Habib Terminal, Sunday, that the banking system is “bad” and he needs to change for some departments, while noting that the prime minister will take a lot of reformist steps coming period.

He’s Terminal / balances News /, that “banks to isolate managers from within the reformist path to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi,” adding that “the banking system is” bad “and he needs to renew and change to some departments.”

He added that “the citizen Abadi block with all the reform steps taken by the administration to alter any and coming professional, efficient and honest management.”

He pointed out that “everyone with interactive steps Abadi reform,” noting that “there will be more reform steps undertaken by the Prime Minister during the coming period.”

The office of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, announced the release of a number of Diwaniyah, the command and the dismissal of intelligence chief and head of the Iraqi Media Network and the heads of banks and Iraqi banks and the appointment of new directors in their stead.

He pointed a government source familiar with L / balance News / Abadi that sacked the heads of government banks against the backdrop of corruption charges while sources confirmed that it came in response to the advice of the World Bank, also sacked the head of the Iraqi Media Network from office for mishandling of the Iraqi Media Network. is over

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Council of Nineveh: Mosul process “smooth” and surrounded on three sides


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He Nineveh provincial council member Ghazwan Daoudi, on Sunday, on the continuation of Ninawa Operations Command editing villages and areas south of Mosul, while noting that the city is surrounded on three sides.

Said Daoudi’s / balances News /, that “Nineveh operations command in drunk you release the villages to get to the tunnel Haji Ali and then access to Qayyarah center down to the military commanders,” adding that “the liberation of Mosul, the process will be smooth and easy attributing the cause to it under siege on three sides. ”

He added, “The Iraqi army and federal police operation now under way in southern Mosul will be an important stage of liberalization city of Mosul,” he said, adding that “after the liberation of the southern areas of the city will be the end of the trend to fresh bath.”

He pointed out that “the liberation of the city has started slowly,” pointing out that “the security forces, pending the announcement commander of the armed forces of the zero hour for the start of the major operation.”

This has been a security source said on Sunday that the security forces launched a major offensive targeted the sites of the elements of the organization “Daash” South Almousel.anthy City

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President calls to resolve the problems faced by Korean companies in Iraq


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[Oan- Baghdad]
received the President Fuad Masum , Sunday afternoon at the Peace Palace in Baghdad credentials of ambassador credentials of South Korea ‘s new ambassador to Iraq Sung Wong Jupp.
According to a presidential statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that infallible “stressed during the ceremony and the existence of a special relationship between the two countries based on mutual interest and mutual respect in what emphasized the need of enhancing them in all fields.”
He infallible “gratitude to the Republic of Korea , and to all countries that supported Iraq against terrorism ,”referring to” the importance of attracting Korean expertise to utilize them in the development of industrial and agricultural activities, ” and called for” solving any problems facing Korean firms operating in Iraq , ” andwished” the new South Korean ambassador success in his work for the consolidation of cooperation frameworks between the two parties. ”
he held infallible Korean ambassador his greetings to the South Korean president and his wishes to him withaffection and success.
for his part , praised the Korean Ambassador” status of Iraq in the region, “hoping that” the Iraqi people accomplish complete victory against terrorism in order to focus attention on providing stability and expansion of basic services to the people . ”
He stressed that” his country continues to support the Iraqi people in the war on Daash and provide humanitarian aid, as well as stimulate economic and investment cooperation. ”

Iraqi L159 aircraft involved for the first time and Daash bombing in Fallujah


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[Where – Baghdad]
aircraft Iraqi air force destroyed the facility L159 Korean mining plant and stores of munitions to terrorist gangs Daash in the city of Fallujah.
A statement by the cell media Harbi received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the “L159 aircraft Iraqi air force flying for the first time flattened nests Daash terrorist airstrike in Fallujah destroyed during mining and stores of munitions plants and killing of a group of Daash.”


The central bank required banks to deposit 8 amounts in excess of 500 billion dinar


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} committed CBI administration, Sunday 8 banks deposit amounts in excess of 500 billion dinars.
A statement of the bank, the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today, that “the Iraqi Central Bank management has taken a number of corrective action to the situation of some banks,” alluding to the “grace of these banks three months to implement these decisions.”
He added , “Also, the Board of Directors CBI committed eight banks to deposit amounts in excess of 500 billion dinars to enhance liquidity and to respond to requests from depositors. ”
he noted that” the Council committed also members of the boards for the return offunds previous loans from their banks banks departments, recording real estate registered in their name , the names of the banks. ”
the Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi issued last Tuesday, is appointed new managers for the six banks .anthy