Of quitting L / balance News /: next month as the date for the arrival of new aircraft and a meal of the f16


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Since 11/06/2016 18:53 pm (Baghdad time)

BAGHDAD – balances News

The chairman of the Security and Defense Committee in Parliament of quitting Saturday, the arrival of a new meal of the F16 aircraft over the next month under the deal signed by Iraq with the United States, noting that Maousel yet Four aircraft and one of them idle.

He’s Zamili / balances News /, “The Iraqi government had previously contracted with the United States to buy 36 aircraft f16 Iraq and arrived in Iraq so far, including four aircraft and one of them unemployed.”

He added that “Iraq has to pay all the money to the US Department of Defense and only a little thing and will be paid by Iraq from the American loan, which is scheduled to offer to Iraq is left of them,” pointing out that “idle plane is supposed to serve, but it is still and it is borne by the Iraqi Ministry of Defense.” .

He pointed to the Zamili, said that “a new batch of aircraft will arrive in Iraq early next July.”

The Ministry of Defense, earlier, for the imminent arrival of fighter jets from Russia to the Air Force and another helicopter of the Army Aviation type, noting that Iraq recognizes the folds of contracted by enough for him to fight to the end of this year and possibly for the year Almqubl.anthy 29

From: Haidar Almitm



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