Washington: “Daash” facing difficulties in paying salaries


Khandan – A senior official at the US Treasury, said the organization “Daash” The terrorist is facing difficulties in paying the salaries of its elements were forced to impose new taxes to compensate for the result of the bombing of the international coalition casualties.

Quoted “AFP” Daniel Glaser assistant minister in charge of the fight against the financing of terrorism, saying, “When we receive information about the organization’s inability to pay the salaries of the fighters and attempting to compensation from other sources of income, then we know that we hit him in a painful place.”

And led bombing since August 2014, led by the United States to “disorder” in the production of the oil fields dominated by the terrorist organization in Iraq, where revenues amounted to about “$ 500 million” by 2015, half the total revenue, according to Glaser.

The official said during a hearing in front of a congressional committee, “despite the difficulty identified, the strikes have limited without doubt the ability of the regulation on the production and sale of oil and profit-taking, as was the case in the past.”

He added that the recent air raids also targeted the hideouts cash reserve, which led to deprive the terrorist organization more than $ 100 million.

To compensate for the shortfall, the organization which controls large swathes of territory in Syria and Iraq in February to impose taxes on the poorest people after they were exempted them appeared, and resorted to more operations “blackmail” to finance its activities, according to Glaser.

A study published in mid-April the Office “IHS Jane” the same direction, has shown noting that the terrorist group revenues declined by 30% since last year.


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