Tamimi: the government would agree to the terms of the International Monetary Fund to cover its failure

07/06/2016 21:02

Iraqi News / nina / National Bgdadmolokulh confirmed a member of theparliamentary finance committee for the Liberal bloc Magda Tamimi said ,” the International Monetary Fund put a date ends on 15 June , the current to the approval of the Iraqi government on the conditions for granting aloan of $ 5 billion and $ 400 million.” She said in a televised statement I followed national Iraqi news Agency / NINA / that ” the government would agree to fund the conditions to cover the great failure of running the state since 2003 , so far , ” .msheerh that “Finance wants to impose a tax of up to 15% on salaries and stop the appointments until they repay the loan.”she said Tamimi “State revenues since 2003 , has so far amounted tomore than 855 billion and $ 279 million went one – third of the salaries ofeither other two – thirds have gone unheeded in the presence of thetreasury empty for the time being , ” noting that “Maatmtlleke state now billion dollars only.” She explained that “priority IMF loan goes to oil companies that want 4 billion and $ 600 million and the higher corporate profits increased corrupt incentives in the absence of any accountability to anyone causing the waste of money. ” revealed Tamimi for” the money smuggled volume reached more than 50% of the auction currency “indicating that” state revenues for the months of January and February amounted to 3 billion and 269 million dollars were sold more than two billion and 500 million dollars of central bank reserves. ” on the Real State considers al – Tamimi it is one of the most corrupt presence of officials take their land and real estate for a pittance files. The Fund IMF and theWorld Bank and a group of international partners recently agreed to give Iraq a loan of $ 15 billion, at an interest rate of 1.5% over three years. / End 3


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