Interior Minister directed the security agencies to protect the political headquarters “expanded”


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Since 10/06/2016 15:26 pm (Baghdad time)

Baghdad balances News

The Minister of Interior Mohammad Al Ghabban police managers and leaders of the security services in the Ministry of Interior perform legal and professional duties honestly and firmly.

He said at a meeting of the security of the leaders according to a statement received / balances News /, that “our mission constitutional and legal responsibility is to maintain public order and to secure civil peace and to address the elements against the security and law-breakers security as it is our job to deal with the terrorists and prevent the commission of crimes.”

He stressed that “Daash strategy at this stage focusing on the works of the security forces in more than one direction and try to distract the security and military effort to ease the great pressure exerted by the armed and security forces and the crowd, whether in Fallujah and elsewhere, and we have drawn extreme caution and cooperate as grades with the leaders of the operations in the provinces In addition to Baghdad to prevent Daash exploit any security gap. “

He added that “in this context and in the light of the recent attacks on the headquarters and the offices of political parties and organizations must protect property and public and private institutions and political headquarters of the forces and parties and various organizations as constituting a picture of our society, and has efforts or reform projects or wants to exercise political pressure to resort to peaceful methods guaranteed by the law and the Constitution, but the function of the security services is to prevent overtaking on the law and the freedoms guaranteed and must perform the duties without hesitation or delay and will take strict legal action against leaders who Taatlki in the performance of their duties in preventing any attempts to disturb civil peace and damage to property and fomenting sedition, then it is duties of the security apparatus. “

He called on Interior Minister citizens’ political and civil forces to “cooperate in order to save the interests of the country and the stability of the security of the society and sustain the battlefield momentum against terrorism to achieve victory and missing opportunities to predators and amateur adventure who Ayaeron attention to the conditions of the country and the interests of the people,” .anthy 29 / D 24


US-backed forces cut off the main supply routes for Daash between Syria and Turkey


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forces , “Syria Democracy” cut off main supply routes to organize Daash between Syria and Turkey, and isnow completely encircled the city Friday Manbej north of Aleppo , according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that the forces , “Syria ‘s democracy , ” which the US – backed cut off the main supply routes to organize Daash between Syria and Turkey, and became on Friday the entire city Manbej strategy surrounded in the countryside of Aleppo in northern Syria.
According to the observatory director Rami Abdel Rahman said “forces Syria democracy [alliance of Arab -Kurdish backed by Washington] cut last Friday of the road between Manbej Turkish border. ”
He continued that” Syria ‘s democratic forces managed to achieve a strategic progress, and trapping Manbej city yet fully control a firearm on the road Manbej – Aghanndorh northwest of the city. ”
and still Daash controlled a border strip and tracks leading to Turkey, but they are more dangerous and difficult, according to the observatory.
the forces , “Syria ‘s democracy , ” which has an air cover of the international coalition led by the United States has been able in recent days to cut the road linking Manbej crossing Jarablos [North ] and used for thetransit of weapons and funding to organize Daash.
as these forces broke through Manbej-Raqqa [east], the most prominent strongholds organization in Syria.
He said Abdul Rahman “moving Daash between tenderness and the Turkish border, they would have to take the road more dangerous for them because the Syrian regime forces supported by Russia, close to it. ”
and began” Syria democratic “forces with the support of the international coalition led by Washington attacks since May 31 to regain control of Manbej, it managed to recover more than 79 villages and farms in thevicinity of the city.
the Manbej to the side of the door and Jarablos, Daash prominent strongholds in Aleppo province.

Vice reveals negotiations for the region to get a share of the World Bank loan

Economy News / special

The detection of the Kurdistan Alliance MP Ahmed Hama Rasheed for the conduct of the Kurdistan region of negotiations with the federal government in order to obtain a share of the World Bank loan.

Rashid said a decision of the Finance Committee, said that the Government of the Territory officially started negotiating with the federal government in Baghdad in order to obtain a share of the World Bank loan of the $ 5.4 billion at an interest rate of 1.5%. ”

Rashid added that this is a good value of the loan for Iraq in this difficult economic situation through which the country, pointing out that the repayment of the loan will be over three years in three batches, it is an opportunity for Iraq to resolve its crisis.

Iraq has suffered from the difficult economic situation in conjunction with the decline in oil prices and the rising cost of the war on terrorism and the liberation of the cities “Daash” criminal, and the large deficit in its budget for this year and the estimated $ 22 billion.



US Treasury: Daash billion revenue in 2015


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US Treasury Secretary Daniel Glaser Assistant, he announced that the organization Daash revenues in 2015 amounted to about one billion dollars.
Said Glazer during a hearing in the US Congress, on Thursday, said that Daash gets its revenues from the sale of oil, gas and donations from abroad and human trafficking and the theft of money from bank accounts, according to our estimates total revenues in 2015 , about one billion dollars, half of it from the sale of oil from the land that controlled by the militants. ”
he added that” US authorities believe that Daash earns up to $ 350 million annually through reap thepopulation funds in the territory controlled by and through the commercial and financial activity in that territory, as it was militants regulation GRIP lot of money after that took control of the state banks in northern and western Iraq in 2014 and the beginning of 2015, “noting that” the organization received about $ 500 million in this way.
the US official said that “one of the other sources of revenue is the abduction of people in order to obtain aransom, it is assumed that in 2014 has earned Daash this way between 20 and 45 million dollars, “adding that” this kind of revenue contraction in 2015 and 2016 “.

Ports apply next week’s list of new tariff revenues and wages


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News General Company of Iraqi Ports apply next week’s list of new tariff revenues and wages for 2016.
According to a company statement, the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy ofit today that it ” has decided to apply the list of tariff revenues and new wages for 2016 as of June 15 this , ” adding that ” the new edition in English will be distributed if their numbers on the companies is completed and agents ships Taom ships ports Iraqi. ”
He pointed out that” the new tariff has seen a slight increase in some of its vocabulary, and also included “.anthy to facilitate the work of companies and regulatory measures

Economic Advisor to the servants, the loans will contribute to the stability of the economy and the instructions given to eligible strict


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News confirmed the appearance of Mohammed Saleh economic advisor to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said the soft loans will contribute to the stability of the country’s economy, pointing out that the mechanics and instructions given to the beneficiaries will be strict.
He said Saleh told {Euphrates News} ” The soft loans in the central bank ‘s program , which distributes industrial, agricultural and housing fund the bank, is a package to stimulate the national economy, as a decline in oil revenues , the impact on market activity.”
He explained that ” the central bank introduced this policy part to stabilize the Iraqi economy, and try to move the market activity through productive activities. ”
he added that” there are instructions strict mechanisms so that these loans aregranted to those who deserve it as much as possible, because we must protect thepublic money and the achievement of its objectives. ”
the central bank announced the third of June , and , receiving requests from wanting Atniv agricultural and industrial projects and housing, adding that the bank will distribute the $ five trillion dinars on the agricultural, industrial and housing banks are granting loans after the feasibility study projects that seek port for its establishment.
he said assistant general manager of statistics and research at the Bank of Alaa Abdel – Ghani, for {Euphrates News} ” the lending initiative very excellent in a matter of economic downturn and blessed the move and supported the central bank governor on the Keywords idea, and stressed that the central banks ‘ implementation of this order to pump money agro – industrial and residential banks, and this initiative will be launched in the coming days has been receiving applications grant loans for the implementation of industrial projects, agricultural and residential. ” It is
noteworthy that, the cabinet approved during its meeting on the 31 of last May, to launch a government loan to the sectors of housing, industry and agriculture form the amount of $ {6.5 trillion dinars} in the framework of the axis of economic reform, diversifying its sources and transportation of rentier economy to a productive economy and the transformation of the economic system of the State of theconsumer system to multi – resource production system, according to what has beenannounced by the media spokesman of the Office of the Prime Minister Saad Alhdithi.anthy 1

Document .. Zebari Ebadi: exempting banks managers tainted by legal and administrative flaws


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[Oan- Baghdad]
Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari counting the decision of Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, relieved state banks managers as “tainted by legal and administrative flaws.”
Zebari said in the text of the official writing to the Prime Minister ‘s Office: At the time that supports the ministry ‘s package of administrative reforms and abide by , but it Diwani research topic we are dealing withobservations such as the following:
First , that the administrative and organizational matters regulated by the competent ministry Act Under the Ministry of Finance Law No. 90 of 1981 as amended, the Minister of Finance supreme head of the ministry is who is responsible for the ministry department and the nomination of deemed eligible to occupy one of thetop administrative posts in accordance with relevant laws, and it is known that the function of [director general of the functions described in the upper class [b] of the ladder stairs and functions attached to salaries of state employees law No. 22 of 2008, and that it is operated is subject to the relevant public office and these laws are the laws did not include any mention of the term [exemption].
Secondly , received general managers names [Hamdiya Mahmoud Faraj dry, Kazim Mohammed fistula, Mohammed Abdul Wahab Abdul Qadir in Diwani is the research topic they are interested in the permanent staffing as General Director of [authenticity].
Third , it said did not include the rationale to exempt the general managers mentioned reasons were not at the request of the Minister or nominate replacements people by this ministry
IV received from within names respective personnel management of some banks , including: (
a) [Faisal Sam Mohi Alhmas], where he has not held a government job and is not certain in accordance with the civil Service Law.
2. [Bilal morning , Hussein al – Hamadani, and good Hazem Mohammed Ali, and shelving supporter of Bashir iron] are working format held at the trade Bank of Iraq and are not employees on the permanent staffing so it can not legally accept assuming in this ministry.
V. surprised by this ministry, that affects implementation of several two directors without other other state institutions, for example , so [ the Iraqi Central Bank, the Ministry of oil, .. etc.]. ”
Against this mentioned observations and based on a legal basis , then it Diwani mentioned tainted defects formal and substantive legal and administrative.
The Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi relieved Tuesday, six state banks managers as well as the director general the national intelligence Service with the Iraqi media network agency Director [Abdul – Jabbar carp].
a statement of the Prime Minister ‘s Office said , “Based on the requirements of the national interest and thecontinuation of the approach of comprehensive reforms announced by the Prime Minister has issued an order Dioanaa appointed new managers in each of the commercial Bank and the Rafidain Bank and the Bank ofRasheed bank mortgage Industrial bank and the agricultural bank. ”
The statement attributed the decision to” revitalize the banking sector and Sir national strategy to stimulate the economy and create jobs and implement the launch of loans for industrial projects, residential and commercial citizens the best formula, according to the government ‘s plans. ”