Nassif: Abadi came two managers of the banks are working to hold them and suspicions of corruption

June 10, 2016

demanded high Nassif MP, on Friday, Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi to follow the legal and constitutional contexts in general managers bench Iraqi banks nomination, while confirming that the Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi said the directors of two banks to small age and work contract and they have suspicions of corruption.

Nassif said in statement, received a “light News , ” a copy of it, “given the challenges faced by the country, especially in light of the allocation of five trillion to the banks in order to promote economic reality, we must take into account the legal and constitutional contexts in general managers bench nomination of Iraqi banks after they were former managers exemption ,

so that is offered three candidates for each bank by the Council of Ministers and will be voted on one of them in the House of Representatives. ”

she added , ” as for what he is doing Abadi from coming directors of two small age and working form contract or from those who have suspicions of corruption , this procedure as the saying goes , he wanted to Aekhalha Voamaha, and to inform the Iraqi people on ways to waste money by committing administrative mistakes in the general managers appointed. ”

She asked , ” Is it permissible to come with someone working format contract to manage important banks?, or assign persons who are not of age , which qualifies them for the management of these institutions ?, or come people they suspicions of corruption? “.

She explained Nassif,” the issue is not that easy and can not be passed in this form, since they must vote in the House of Representatives on the two directors known for their expertise and integrity and reputations of good to be able in the future to hold them accountable. ”

the high Nassif MP, have been described, exemption banks’ commercial and industrial and agricultural managers and Mesopotamia “without requiring them to provide a clearance to justice and fairness, that is a big mistake and an opportunity for them to evade accountability, demanding Abadi forcing these managers to provide a clearance, and follow – up their files at the highest levels.


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