Macgork: Daash executed one of its leaders every three days and the popular crowd disciplined

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US president ‘s envoy to the International Alliance against Daash Brett Mcguirk Friday , he said that foreign elements are crumbling morale in the organization, but the organization executed fighters in the battlefield.

He Mcguirk during a press conference at the White House that the organization has lost 50 percent of the land in Iraq, and 30 percent in Syria, and the border with Turkey is no longer available to the elements. 

The Mcguirk cut the road between tenderness and Mosul, and the low number of members of the organization who owned about 31 thousand element 2014, and “at the moment is difficult to determine Oaadahm but between 10 and 25 thousand element.” 

He pointed Mcguirk that low morale among Daash fighters, forcing the organization to carry out field executions of some of its elements, and that “Daash executed one of its leaders every three days. ” 

Mcguirk he said that Daash” cut elements salaries in half, so I no longer have these elements wanting to stay “, and this led to a ” change Daash for propaganda by inviting items to go to Libya and not Syria. ” 

between the US official that the alliance collects information about Daash via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and that the information appears to Daash retreat on social media: “Each of Daash account, we find six or seven accounts interview fights Daash.” 

Mcguirk and stressed that the United States has exchanged information with 50 countries , agreements, and there is cooperation with international police Interpol to track information and people. 

Mcguirk explained that the situation in Libya now changed after he became there is ” a unified government and its forces facing Daash if the Libyans ask for help we are ready for that.” 

and the participation of the popular crowd at the battle of Fallujah Mcguirk said Washington is following with interest the issue of the participation of the popular crowd in the battle of Fallujah, pointing out that experience in Tikrit was a test, you can rely on him , “he said . ” there are units from the crowd said it should work under the command of the Iraqi army and do not enter the city of Fallujah. ” 

Mcguirk he pointed out that” a lot of units of the popular crowd disciplined and operate in accordance with the orders of the Iraqi forces , “stressing that the Iraqi forces” are will enter Fallujah and units that operate under its command. ” 

said Mcguirk:” some violations may occur, but it is important for us to be abusers accountable , “noting that” the basic thing for us is the liberation of Fallujah from Daash grip, and that the civilian population were abducted by the organization. ”

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