Close to Abadi: Isolation banks managers for their complexity government loan disbursement

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deputy for the coalition of state law , said a close aide to Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi said “isolated banks managers were holding loans” government exchange mechanism.

Among Jassim Mohammed Jaafar told all of Iraq [where] on Wednesday that “managers to isolate due to corruption is also located here and there”, he underlined that “there are many other changes we hope Abadi to rush out of being good and good for the Iraqi people a message.” 

He praised Jaafar reforms Prime Minister and fundamental change and great in the important and influential institutions for the future of Iraq , especially in the financial and economic sides, “adding that” there are more than 6 trillion dinars to be moved to these banks , who stopped by these general directors. ” 

among Jaafar said” choose active and influential figures worthy of the movement of the economy will stir the private sector and move the Iraqi economy for the better and to reduce unemployment in Iraq , “he underlined that” the people who have been replaced were not in a prominent map of the parties present on the political scene and political blocks but administrative Academy scientific figures have long experience in the matter entrusted to them. ” 

He added , saying that” media institutions must be oriented around a unified goal : to put pressure on the enemy Aldaasha self and not opening the door to open any other doors with the political blocs , and this needs to figure possesses this capability so the prime minister had been successful in changing the network Iraqi media President Abdul – Jabbar carp. ” 

he noted to exempt the intelligence director ‘s decision , “he said . ” We have not seen the intelligence after 2003 any intelligence work in support of the country and did not tack a female form that gives it meaning in the defense of Iraq and the elimination of sectarianism and the defense of the prestige of the Iraqi state and battle enemies and adversaries and spies who roam about in Iraq presentation and length. ” 

the Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi relieved on Tuesday, Director General of the national intelligence Service and six directors of banks government with the Iraqi media network agency Director [Abdul – Jabbar carp. 

and the statement of the landfill prime minister said he” Based on the requirements of the national interest and the continuation of the approach to reforms comprehensive announced by the Prime Minister has issued an order Dioanaa appointed new managers in each of the commercial Bank and the Rafidain Bank and Rasheed Bank and the bank ‘s real estate industrial Bank and the agricultural Bank. ”

Abdul-Mahdi: The proposed company from the central bank is a positive step to encourage the banking sector

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The leader of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq , Adel Abdul – Mahdi said ” the company proposed by the Central Bank with a capital of 100 billion dinars that, and approved by the Council of Ministers, is a positive step to encourage the banking sector and to ensure the money depositors at the bank ‘s inability or exposure to the bankruptcy and liquidation.

Mahdi said in a press release received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Wednesday that “our economy depends Monetary mainly Cash Economy, and this is a serious manifestation of backwardness, corruption and money laundering , there are about 34 trillion dinars outside the banking session, are traded in the parallel economy, it is difficult control or pay trends sound development , “noting that” this is a big number is a half of the “money supply” on the basis of M1 (67 trillion dinars, ie paper currency and coins mainly) and about 24% of the “money supply” based on M2 (83 trillion dinars , ie M1 plus short – term deposits in banks , mainly) by June this figure, note that expressions of M1 and M2 and M3, etc., are different orders of means and tools currency is displayed. 

He continued by saying , “deepen this reality after the nationalization and the dominance of easy money and the economy rentier and the disintegration of the economy and Mavuath, dip habit banking and the collapse of confidence in the banking system, and the lack of clarity and integrity and fairness of the tax system, and the arbitrariness of the state and put her hand on the bank accounts for security reasons, economic or personal. ” 

He said the ” lack of transparency, fairness and sound policies to fight corruption and money laundering in the country ‘s economy, led and lead corruption and money laundering in the parallel economy outside the note that “parallel” economy or “shadow , ” or “black”, depending on the Titles, is in the advanced economies also it is in the United States about two trillion dollars, and cause the loss of taxes , of $ 500 billion dollars a year or so , but its weight is very weak compared to the sheer size of the deal and banking tools other payment but stresses economists there on the presence of the benefits of a national economy, although harmful to the treasury, as a factor to absorb unemployment and moving some of the activities that are difficult to manage or control them otherwise. ” 

said Abdul – Mahdi said” the founding of the company, we must complete our opinion , further action, not only in the framework of the protection of depositors ‘ money, but because Astjmab largest volume of money as well, and that would get the economy moving and to stimulate interest, business and investment , “he said , adding that” the central bank had studied the company ‘s capital, and it seems to us that the proposed capital relatively few compared to the sector and the size of deposits, especially as we have seen deficits and qualifying during the past years. And of course the company may re – insurance to ensure their ability to repay, and will be depositors more assured if was associated with security companies and international specialized institutions, and to ensure smooth proceedings in cases of bankruptcy, liquidation and defaults. ” 

He stressed that” with the financial health, and to get the economy moving, and Astjmab liquidity, to be tax policy clear reassure depositors, lack of exposure to the arbitrariness of administrative and authoritarian, compelled them to stay out of the banks. But it can put temporary and permanent incentives to enter the banking session, offering temptations Kalaafa or reduction of tax settling accounts, and to protect the deposits of disclosure and auditing practices outside world, and the development of legal guarantees for it. ” 

He added that” the study of interest rate policy. There is no doubt that the central bank in cooperation with the Government, and in accordance with the law, he can plan to take on the percentage of encouraging interest for the money prices of mode, and plan an interview to encourage lending at attractive prices benefit, including moves the markets, interests and investments. ” 

He stressed that ” a vote of confidence in the public and private banks and the elimination of discrimination in deposits and transactions and stop instruction chaos and Fjaiatha, and the arbitrariness of administrative and judicial proceedings and address the red tape and bureaucracy stalled for business and degrading treatment of customers and banks alike , “and wondered” if the state itself is confident these banks, how will trust by citizens? Banks At economies Day – lever development and oxygen economy and the closet his money.

The future of private banks


Author: Yasser incumbent

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The private banking sector in most developed and developing countries has many merits as one of the one of the main staff of economic development, not least thing on it is prepared by global investment firms as a foundation in requirements in the country that want toinvest in it, the question is where site Iraqi banks from this evaluation ? the
private banking sector in Iraq are exposed to penalties and fines and challenges almost oust him because the international reputation of which they are based banks require Toffermassarv creditworthy financial, and regardless of the validity of these sanctions or not, the situation requires of those in charge of the banking sector working to end this
Perhaps the mistake that occurred when the banks to Ataathmlh alone but collectively responsible because the currency auction solely responsible for this problem after that was a blessing for the economy to rein in inflation and the means and effective instrument to achieve price and economic stability has turned into a curse downplayed and the reputation of the banks by the behavior of some speculators fraud, forgery and take out the hard currency that describe money laundering and smuggling.
belive in CBI recent attempts to seriously resolve this dilemma exploited unfortunately by some both in the tugging and statements media or the exploitation of banks to blackmail issues, and if things continue this way, the future of disappearing and when that to Atnmah real and Anamwa not organized economic activity.
As the government seeks to achieve a new economic reform capable of a renaissance of thecountry economically has become necessary to provide discreet banking sector to perform this task, meaning that the country needs a strong banking sector, and this requires re -reputable banks through close the proceedings and not to alienate banking cadres that took seep because of fears of sanctions because of blurred vision in business dealings and fraud in the arts and letters of credit authorized border.

Parliamentary Integrity calls Abadi to prevent officials “pardoned” from traveling


Parliamentary Integrity calls Abadi to prevent officials "pardoned" from traveling

BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / .. student of the Integrity Committee member of the parliamentary Adel Nouri, on Tuesday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to “pull the hand” and a travel ban on officials were relieved of their posts today, as warned of “impunity.”


Nouri said in an interview: “We welcome the exemptions obtained today by the Prime Minister in the banking and intelligence and media sector,” calling at the same time to “change the title of the exemption to the withdrawal of the hand and the distribution of their names on the airports and border crossings to prevent them from traveling, because the exemption could enable them to Go to another state and therefore of impunity. ”

Nouri stressed the need “to refer those responsible to justice and to complete depositions procedures and accountability,” stressing that “the Commission will follow the matter and please that these campaigns continue to be the last episode, but followed by exemptions for all corrupt officials do not.”

An official source announced on Tuesday, the exemption of intelligence director and general manager of the commercial bank and head of the Iraqi Media Network, as well as banks, Rafidain and Rasheed, and real estate, industrial and agricultural managers from their posts.

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, in the (June 6, 2016), to proceed to fight corruption and make a “comprehensive reforms” in state institutions, as pointed out, “we will spare no effort to achieve what he wishes all our people,” .anthy 21 / l

Abadi office calls for not paying attention to the rumors in the battle of Fallujah


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Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi Office of the citizens and the media called on not to pay attention to rumors that broadcasts here or there with a view to divert attention from the battle of Iraq against terrorism or to drive a wedge division among Iraqis who showed unified supervisor in support of the armed forces and efforts to restore thecities, edit , and secure its people and the return of Nazhaha.
Saad al – Hadithi , spokesman for the Information Office of the Prime Minister in a press release received by all ofIraq [where] a copy of it on Wednesday , “we affirm that are untrue to the rumors about the existence of a mass grave for members of the Iraqi army in Saqlawiyah where they were checked by the security authorities and thecompetent authorities other than this and proved to be untrue to him, ”
he added , ” one day after another valiant Iraqi forces , confirm our determination and ability to edit Fallujah dismantling the families of its people from the control of obscurantist terrorism , which referred the city into a big prison civilians and being dependent upon them as human shields, and the praise of God and the courage of your sons fervent in the armed forces and formations chock her, I managed our troops from entering the second Shuhada neighborhood in the city of Fallujah and raised the Iraqi flag over it. ”
he added Sabri said” the Iraqi government is still under the supervision of a field continuously by the general commander of the armed forces , Haidar al – Abbadi is following the conduct of military and humanitarian operations in Fallujah to achieve victory and secure the civilians and provide forms relief and humanitarian support to them, “adding that” the Council of Ministers approved in its final recommendations cell own effort relief and humanitarian civil crisis in Fallujah, and fired ten billion dinars local government in Anbar province , to cover the needs of the displaced humanity in temporary shelters. “

Urgent Abadi inspects the Shuhada neighborhood in Fallujah


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lose the general commander of the armed forces , Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi Shuhada neighborhood inFallujah , which frees the day at the hands of security forces.
Abadi this afternoon and arrived at the command headquarters of the Fallujah operations during a speech praising has held a meeting with security and military leaders, in cooperation with the locals fighters in the liberated areas in Fallujah. “


Husseini: the dismissal of the heads of the banks does not relieve them of Aleghanon..waltmima: The action is not “reform.”



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Special – balances News

Parliamentary Legal Committee considered, on Wednesday, the dismissal of the heads of banks that does not relieve them of legal liability, while the Finance Committee promised dismissal of Atndj on the list of reform not to bring them to justice.

Husseini said L / balance News /, that “every person holding a certain position is responsible for the fragmentation of public wealth and public money to the country and is linked to the files of corruption supposedly referred to the courts by virtue of the former and his guest,” pointing out that “sacked the heads of the banks does not exempt them from legal liability.” .

She added, “The Integrity Commission to move their own issues and prevent them to travel,” asserting that “can not be patented gave them before resolving the issues and proceedings brought against them.”

For her part, she said Finance Committee member Magda Tamimi’s / balances News /, “The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi had not seen the Commission on the new directors Iraqi banks names,” pointing out that “the exemption former bank managers do not fall within the list of reforms for not sending them to the judiciary.” .

She added, “The bank managers sacked from their posts, some covered ablation, and other files of corruption and others deserve the ages of retirement for years but was extended their service.”

I got / balances News /, the new directors appointed by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to manage Iraqi banks, replacing managers who sacked last names yesterday.

The head of the relieved yesterday Rafidain and Rasheed banks and the real estate and agricultural managers and Alsnaaa.anthy 29

From: Haidar Almitm


Legal representative: Court decision mandated by parties to the conflict to choose experts “contrary to the Constitution.”



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Special – balances News

Counting the legal committee member Said Zana, on Wednesday, the Federal Court decision mandated by the parties to the opponent to choose each two experts that is contrary to the Constitution, noting that the court is moving toward decision Alaarzaia harmonic and not a legal decision.

He Said L / balance News / that “there are no any legal clause to the Constitution gives the right to the Federal Court to give the option to the parties to the opponent in the suit by choosing each expert,” noting that “an expert in the law are experienced who Tndbam court and be independent.”

The member of the Legal Committee, that “the Federal Court decision commissioned by the parties to the dispute in the lawsuit selection of experts is against the law and Asitend to the Constitution,” noting that “the Federal Court is moving toward decision Alaarzaia of rivals and in line and did not wish to resolve the issue according to the law.”

The Federal Court has asked, on Wednesday, of the parties to the suit selection of experts to agree on them to be two experts from each party and the fifth chosen by the Court, “.anthy 29/33 h

The Iraqi government announced the allocation of one billion dinars to evacuate the displaced families from Fallujah


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Twilight News / President of the Supreme Committee for the Relief and sheltering the displaced and Minister of Displacement and Migration Jassim Mohammed revealed the allocation of one billion Iraqi dinars to evacuate the displaced people from the city of Fallujah, which is witnessing military operations to liberate it from the control of the terrorist organization Daash.

The minister said during the conference during a press conference held today at the headquarters of the ministry on the sidelines of the Higher Committee meeting of relief and sheltering the displaced “The ministry recorded in the official data reception (2721) displaced families in shelter camps in Anbar, pointing him about the presence of the families of sporadic did not register at the ministry data after dispersion across their relatives in nearby areas.

He added that “the Supreme Committee for the Relief and sheltering displaced people continuing to hold meetings to discuss the situation of displaced people of Fallujah and to contain its crisis by providing needed for displaced families, aid and work to overcome the difficulties facing evacuated from combat zones process and taking them to safe areas, noting that today’s meeting approved the allocation of one billion dinars for the province Anbar to enable the process of providing transportation to evacuate the displaced families and provide relief food to them.

The minister however said that today’s meeting also discussed the creation of basic services to bring back displaced families to spend the vine and work on the provision of electricity, water and health through coordination with the relevant ministries and relevant agencies for the purpose of rehabilitation of these services and initiate re-displaced to the vine spend.

And its financial funding for the Department of Immigration and the High Commission said Mohammed, said the directives of Prime Minister sprayed financial allocations by the Ministry of Finance to the Ministry of Immigration to be distributed to the displaced holy month of Ramadan before that the Ministry of Finance did not provide the ministry Alabjze few of the amount due in accordance with Article 39 of the Budget Law and that the ministry awaiting funding the rest, calling on the Ministry of Finance to speed up providing the remaining funds to be awarded to a displaced family in the month of Ramadan.