The Wall Street Journal confirms aggravate situations flee (Daash) to coincide with the successive losses in Iraq and Syria


One of the prisoners Daash laments his luck bad luck and his involvement with the organization


Author: HAA
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Long-Presse / Baghdad

Revealed universally known American newspaper, on Tuesday, the increasing “apostasy and schism” aggravation in the ranks (Daash) on the back of “successive defeats,” which recently suffered in Iraq and Syria, indicating that more than 150 militants of the organization they belong six countries contacted during the few months years, their missions diplomacy in Turkey to help them return to their countries.

The Wall Street Journal Wall Street Journal American, in a report today, I followed (range Press), “The rebound in the defection of foreign fighters in the ranks of Daash rate has increased, where they took appealing to their countries to help them to return in conjunction with high regulation losses and lost a lot of land in Iraq and Syria. “

The newspaper quoted, diplomats as saying, that there is “an increase in the demand of foreign fighters who liberated from the illusions of the organization to connect their governments to extend a helping hand to them to return to their countries.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, that “more than 150 foreign fighters from six countries who, during the last few months of diplomatic contact their missions in Turkey to help them return from Iraq and Syria to their countries.”

Western diplomats said, according to the newspaper, they “received confidential phone calls from people inside the Raqqa region, which is the stronghold of Daash president in Syria, as well as messages from the foreign fighters fled amid waste paper asking for help to return to their countries.”

He said France’s national intelligence coordinator, Didier to Ebert, during a security conference held recently, said that “many French returned after their conviction that things are not going in their favor.”

The foreign fighters “apostates” who manage to escape to Turkey, are subject to strict investigations of local officials in Turkey as well as other investigators from their country of origin, to make sure that they do not pose a threat to their own countries if they returned to it.


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