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07/06/2016 13:47

BAGHDAD / Babylon 24 / .. revealed early Tuesday for the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to dismiss a group of senior officials accused of squandering public money since assuming duties which varied between security and the economy, politics, media source, stressing that this act does not stop a series of measures will Abadi taking away from those who caused obstructing reform plan launched by al-Abadi since the response of reference and public opinion that came out massive demonstrations calling for reform and the dismissal of corrupt and hold them accountable for the directives.

The source revealed to include both TBI director Hamdiya dry and managers of other banks (agricultural, industrial and real estate) in addition to the Rasheed Bank and the Rafidain director in an attempt by al-Abadi to pass his reform plan in the field of economy and distribution of medium and small loans to citizens in a transparent and fair manner, in addition to reform money management in Iraqi banks that suffer from widespread corruption in most of the joints.

The source also revealed that the sacking of the National Intelligence Service team Zuhair Gharbaoui on the back of poor security situation in the country and the weakness of the intelligence effort that caused the waste of Iraqi blood on the sidewalks of the streets.

The sacking comes Gharbaoui in order to make way for new experiences more likely to activate the machine work to invest victories developments in the battle to liberate Fallujah and cut the road in front of a terrorist unexpected reactions in the capital Baghdad, an attempt to cover up the terrorist Daash defeat.

The source also revealed that the sacking of Mohammed Abdul Jabbar carp head of the Iraqi media, which raised around a lot of suspicions of corruption and weak administrative in media discourse cope with the process of democratic transformation in the country’s industry in addition to the large number of claims by the media elites need to be relieved of his post after faltering performance media network due to network rampant corruption in the administration.

The source explained that take these reform decisions is part of a series of decisions will Abadi is taking in response to the reference to the directives of the Iraqi street demands for reform, as the source stressed that the adoption of Abadi, a comprehensive reform plan will be announced shortly include search mechanisms for replacements qualified for a way to provide an opportunity for all citizens to fill these sites and the other by opening the door to run to assume these positions an attempt to eliminate the partisan and sectarian quotas and replace staff who are competent to be selected from the general public in a way technocrats.

The Prime Minister had earlier exempted vice president and the ministers of their duties as members sought to replace the current government, but his attempt hit to failure because of the refusal of leaders of political blocs that have caused not pass a technocrat government.

Decisions of the Cabinet meeting chaired by Ebadi and the latter announcing the arrest of the perpetrators of abuses in Falluja

Tuesday 07-06-2016 | 4:30:14

Twilight News / Iraqi cabinet held its regular Tuesday under the chairmanship of the current government commander of the armed forces, Haider al-Abadi.
Ebadi said in a speech during a cabinet meeting chaired by day, that the liberation of Fallujah plan goes successfully and our troops advancing daily, and will achieve its goals by editing the city and save the civilian population of Fallujah sons who Atakzhm Daash as human shields.
He added that the deal humanitarian Iraqi forces with displaced deserves praise and appreciation, either individual cases of overtaking Flaimkn to tolerate them or become complacent in their perpetrators accountable, has been suspended and the assignment of those accused of abuses to justice to be punished according to the law, calling at the same time not to amplify rumors and ratification by and the need for accuracy in the dissemination of news and information in the media.
According to a statement issued by the Information Office of Ebadi, the cabinet decided to allocate ten billion dinars to support and sustain the camps for displaced people and provide for their needs in the areas of Amiriyah Fallujah and Khaldiyah tourist city in Habbaniyah, and approve the recommendations of the cell civil crisis on the coordination of efforts and relief to the displaced within boycotted the district of Fallujah.
According to the statement, the Council of Ministers approved on economic and financial policies that have been reached with the International Monetary supporting fund reforms Alaqsadah and finance the Iraqi government and the fight against corruption and the strengthening of financial supervision and transparency, and cash management memo, as confirmed by the Iraqi government not to touch the poor classes and salaries and the ration card, Health and Education Network social protection and humanitarian aid, taking observations raised during the discussion.
He added the statement that the cabinet listened to a briefing from the ministers who took up private messages from the Prime Minister to a number of Arab countries and to meet them, its leaders, in the victories achieved by the Iraqi forces and battles edit cities and lands from the grip Daash It victories for all Iraqis and express their national unity, what we have received delegations from supportive stances for Iraq in its war against terrorism and its sovereignty and territorial integrity and praising the governments and peoples of the victories of the Iraqi forces against Daash that threatens all peoples in the region and the world, and their willingness to cooperate, coordinate and support Iraq in its war against terrorism.
The statement said the cabinet discussed the issue of the nature reserves and efforts to incorporate the marshlands within the World Heritage List and the need to redouble their efforts and complete all requirements to achieve this national goal and civilization in the meetings to be held in a number of capitals in the coming period.
The statement pointed out that other cabinet decisions, to approve the issuance of bank deposits guarantee system provided by the Central Bank of Iraq and Dqgah the State Council with the failure to extend the government deposits in state banks to the rules.
The statement concluded that the Cabinet authorized the Ministry of Commerce signed a contract for the amount of sugar by. General marketing plan of the company for the food trade, also approved the draft appeal the verdicts and decisions of the Real Property Act and forwarded to the Parliament.

مقررات جلسة مجلس الوزراء برئاسة العبادي والأخير يعلن اعتقال مرتكبي التجاوزات بالفلوجة

Oil prices exceed the threshold of 51 dollars


Khandan – exceeded the price of oil per session threshold dollars per barrel on Tuesday, after being boosted by a drop in the US dollar.

And exceeded the price of a barrel of crude oil blend “Brent” The 51 dollars threshold, to $ 51.05, up about 50 cents, or 0.99% for the last adjustment, according to the website (RT) Russian.

Crude futures price of West Texas Intermediate also rose by 0.85%, or by 42 cents to $ 50.11 per barrel.

According to economic experts, the fundamentals of the market have contributed to the stability of the global markets, there is consumption of commercial stocks in the United States and other major consuming countries for energy, coinciding with the cessation of production at some sites, such as Nigeria as a result of strikes and attacks on oil facilities.

This led to the absorption of more than one million barrels per day of excess supply from the existing demand in the market, which contribute significantly increase Iraq’s production.

In the case of the rest of the major producing Member States of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries “OPEC” and outside production remained, such as Saudi Arabia and Russia, without a significant increase, it will help balance supply and demand on a continued rise curve.

Iraqi parliament demanded $ 5 million to renovate its hall


By Roudao 21 minutes ago
العبادي اثناء تفقده مبنى البرلمان بعد اقتحامه
Abadi while inspecting the parliament building after the storming

Roudao – Sulaymaniyah

She Integrity Committee in the Iraqi parliament, to put forward a new claim to allocate $ 5 million to provide audio and buy desks and chairs for the new hall meetings ofParliament devices.

The demonstrators against the Iraqi government and parliament, stormed on 30 April, the Iraqi parliament building, and took him for several hours, causing of damage to the courtroom in the parliament, and the disruption of Iraqi Council of Representatives held hearings for about a month.

And the process of the Integrity Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, the study of how to renovate the hall No. 4 special sessions the House of Representatives, said commission spokesman Adel Nouri, a network Roudao media, said that after a review of the funds for the restoration of the hall, show that the number of tables and audio devices and microphones was damaged and “the sound two devices, the first is used to talk and the second is used to record the presence of the House of Representatives was not very sophisticated, because they were given to Iraq in 2005 by a US organization.”

He continued, “The new allocations are estimated at $ 5 million to renovate the hall, allocate two million of them to buy audio devices, and the rest to buy seats and new desks, is scheduled to conclude a contract with a Turkish company for this purpose, but this is a very large sum because it can repair devices voting with 30 million dinars Just”.

He explained, “It has been allocated $ 7 million for the hall No. 3 in the Iraqi parliament, before the start of the current session of Parliament work, but are not yet providing any of the needs of the hall and stopped the restoration work was a waste of money, and he was supposed to complete the restoration during the take over of Osama Najafi the post of Speaker of parliament, but a committee was formed to complete the restoration last year, the results are still not clear. “

And submitted to the Integrity Commission proposals to prevent spending $ 5 million this to parliament, Nuri said, “We told them to let either repair audio devices, or transfer devices that have been previously purchased for the hall No. 3 to No. 4 hall.”

He warned Nuri said, “If what has been the implementation of this proposal, we will open the amount of the previous the 7 million files, and the five current millions, and we will achieve with all the officials who carry documents their signatures, because it is not reasonable to exchange $ 12 million to renovate the halls only.”

Is owned by the current parliament to the Iraqi Ministry of Culture building, explains a spokesman for the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, said, “It is true that Parliament is currently this building, but the disaster is in the building who want to exchange all the money it is not due to the Iraqi Council of Representatives, it is an old building of the Parliament Baathist regime, and was formerly a huge money exchange it. “

Edit Fallujah operations: liberation of the city battles going on non-stop



Joint forces stationed east of Saqlawiyah northwest Fallujah Imaging (Tariq Terminal)


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Long-Presse / Anbar

Command announced liberalization of Fallujah in Anbar province, on Tuesday, that the cleansing battles against Daash constant in all the axes of Fallujah without stopping, Mukdh that the city has become militarily against the joint forces.

The commander of the liberation of Fallujah operations Lt. Gen. Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi in an interview with the (long-Presse), “The cleansing battles going on in all of Fallujah axes against a guerrilla organization Daash never stopping what is rumored in some of the news is not accurate at all, Fallujah came under goalkeeper hand militarily “.

Saadi added that “joint forces managed over the past few days have cleared Nuaimiya area completely and spend the vine and Saqlawiyah and Alsjr,” noting that “security forces are currently advancing deep into the Shuhada neighborhood south of Falluja, and to the industrial district of the eastern side of Fallujah.”

Commander of the liberation of Fallujah operations and continued that “the goal of Fallujah under the joint forces fire a hand under the military concept after clearing all axes and during the next few days, we will raise the Iraqi flag over the Fallujah government buildings and freeing its people from terrorist guerrilla organization.”

It is noteworthy that most of the cities of Anbar province was controlled by elements of the organization (Daash) as security forces began clearing battles a wide recovered from which the city of Ramadi after fierce battles with the liberalization of other areas in the vicinity of Fallujah and wetlands, Hit, killing hundreds of elements ( Daash).

Official statement: Qatar and the UAE have confirmed their support for Iraq Abedi bayonet against terrorism



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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} confirmed the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad bin Khalifa, during their meeting Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, {who is on a tour of a number of Gulf states}, not to their country of Iraq in its war against terrorism .
According to a ministry statement, received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it, said al – Obeidi “him on Monday evening, a message of Prime Minister General Commander of the Armed Forces , Haider al – Abadi to Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan , Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, and during the meeting , research on issues of common interest between the two countries and the latest developments on the regional and international arenas. ”
He also discussed” the course of the ongoing military operations are now in the city of Fallujah, where he presented the defense minister gave a detailed presentation of the operation , stressing the strategic importance of the national and humanitarian path pursued by the Iraqi combat troops, and emphasize the importance ofinfanticide sectarian strife promoted by a number of media biased agendas sick. ”
renewed the UAE, according to the statement” in support of Iraq positions, “she said , ” Iraq ‘s right to legitimate defense of its territory and sanctities and holy places. ” a separate ministry statement, al – Obeidi” him on Monday, a written message from Prime Minister directed the commander in chief of the armed forces Haider al – Abadi to the Emir of Qatar , Tamim bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, and during the meeting a review of aspects of the bilateral relations between the two countries and confirmed Iraq ‘s desire sincere openness to the Arab environment, and ways tostrengthen security pillars and stability in the region. ” gave al – Obeidi, according to the statement,” a detailed explanation of editing Fallujah operations and what itrepresents of great importance in defeating the terrorist gangs , “stressing that” theedits are designed primarily for the Liberation of the city ‘s residents and decryption families of Aldoaash. ” He pointed out that” the hype media raised by some media channels tendentious, designed to distort the objective of the national and humanitarian operation, calling to stand firmly against it and expose the agendas sick. ” the statement quoted the Emir of Qatar, his emphasis on the ” parking his country along with Iraq and its keenness to perpetuate communicate with him and support required and support to defeat terrorist organizations. ” The agencies andcountry Emirati news, announced the delivery of defense Minister Khaled al – Obeidi, UAE President Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Emir of Kuwait , Sabah Al – Ahmad Al – Jaber Al – Sabah, the Emir of Qatar , Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, written messages from Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi , on issues of mutual interest and the latest developments on the regional and Atah.anthy arenas
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