World Bank optimistic about the future of reform and economic prosperity in Kurdistan


Sunday 05-06-2016 | 8:18:30

M m r / d p

M m r / d p

Twilight News / cross official at the World Bank hopes to successfully reform project adopted by the Kurdistan Regional Government.

According to the latest report of the World Bank, which included 229 pages he hoped successfully appalling reformist of the Kurdistan Regional Government and prosperity of the future of the economy in the region.

He said the Middle East, an official at the World Bank Farid Belhaj, the word in the introduction to the report that the bank hopes to pass much the province of Kurdistan current crisis, pointing out that the region’s future will be bright.

Turning to the bank Belhadj teams reached the conviction that the Kurdistan possesses rich natural resources and agricultural land fertile and the population of skilled and young people, in addition to the government with a reformist intentions and the existence of an international community wants the help of the province.

In this regard, the international official also stressed that the Kurdistan Region have everything out of the crises and problems existing tools, pointing out that the bank for that were helpful to be able to traverse the province of Nlk crises.

البنك الدولي متفائل بمستقبل الاصلاح والازدهار الاقتصادي في اقليم كوردستان

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