The central bank calls to file a complaint against the banks and companies that sell the role more than 1,200 dinars


Monday 06-06-2016 | 5:21:50

J p

J p

Twilight News / Iraqi Central Bank on Monday called on the people and merchants who are selling the dollar by more than 1,200 Iraqi dinars.

The bank said in a statement, responded to Twilight News, he was “a confirmation of the directives and instructions for prices and foreign currency exchange, the CBI calls on citizens and merchants who pay more than the amount of 1200 dinars for the dollar and who have purchased from banks or remittance companies or exchange companies (cash or money orders or letters of credit), filed a complaint to the Central Bank with the payment arrived. ”

The statement added that “the increase will be paid to the buyer of the teams” by the central bank “and deducted from the account of the seller (those above).”

البنك المركزي يدعو لتقديم شكوى ضد المصارف والشركات التي تبيع الدور بأكثر من 1200 دينار

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