Technical Committee emphasizes the lack of a quorum in the parliament session on 14 April


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News reported that a source familiar with the competent technical committee to investigate the number of deputies to attend the sessions of Parliament for the month of April showed that the number of attending a meeting 14/4 was only 129 deputies in the number of attending a session 26/4 was 179 deputies.
The source told {Euphrates News} “The technical committee consisting of a number of experts have audited the movies and photos provided by the defense points and compare the statements of witnesses and found the following, the number attending a meeting 14/4 was 129 and the number attending a session 26/4 was 179.”

Barzani: We are a stabilizing factor and we want better relations with Iraq


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Twilight News / Search Nechirvan Barzani, prime minister of the Kurdistan Region, with the former French prime minister and the deputy in the current session of the French Parliament Francois Fillon, the war on Daash and helping displaced persons and refugees to the Kurdistan.

A statement by the prime minister, said Fillon spoke about his visit to the Kurdistan Region program, which includes a visit to camps for displaced people and refugees and the fronts of the fight against terrorism. The French delegation also praised the courage and heroism of the Peshmerga forces in confronting terrorism.

Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region For his part, expressed his delight to visit Fillon French delegation accompanying him, and thanked the continued support of France for the Kurdistan Region, stressing that the victories of the Peshmerga against terrorists are still ongoing, and stressed the need to increase support for displaced people and refugees who have left their cities and regions due to terrorism, and stressed that the Kurdistan Region needs the largest of the international community’s support with regard to the displaced.

The two sides discussed also about the relations between Kurdistan and Iraq and neighboring countries province, he said Nechirvan Barzani said the Kurdistan Region has always wanted to be a factor of stability in the region and have better relations with Iraq and neighboring countries and that is resolved outstanding issues with Baghdad through dialogue.

On the other side of the meeting, the two sides discussed the situation of displaced persons and refugees in the Kurdistan Region and the need for help from the international community and the Iraqi government, in addition to the economic impacts caused by the arrival of a large number of displaced people to the province of Kurdistan and the war against terrorism and the financial crisis on the general situation in the region.

The two sides also discussed, the responsibility and burden of the two major explosions rests with the Kurdistan Regional Government, and the situation of Christians in Iraq and their displacement to the Kurdistan region and the situation in Syria.

بارزاني: نحن عامل استقرار ونريد افضل العلاقات مع العراق

Jaafari up Jordan carrying a message from al-Abadi to King Abdullah


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Ibrahim Jaafari arrived in the Iraqi Foreign Minister, Sheikh Abdul Latif Alhmam head of the Sunni Endowment to the capital of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Amman, carrying a message from Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi of King Abdullah II of Jordan.
According to a Foreign Ministry statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of which was “far their arrival in Amman , met with al – Jaafari, and Alhmam Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh at the State Department, and discussed with him bilateral relations between Baghdad and Amman, and ways ofstrengthening them to serve the interests of the two brotherly peoples ,.
and gave al – Jaafari congratulated the new Jordanian government, wishing them success in providing services to the Jordanian people, stressing the importance of cooperation and coordination between the two countries, and thatall nations to confront the common threat of gangs terrorist Daash. ”
He stressed that” Iraq faces terrorists Daash who came from more than 100 countries in defense of its sovereignty, and dignity, and on behalf of thecountries of the world , “explaining that” the military operations in Fallujah came to rid the citizens of Daash, and complete the liberation of the Iraqi territory from Conception terrorism. ”
and that” this war is not a conventional war; because Daash uses innocent citizens as human shields, and try to kill the largest number of citizens of the city , “noting that” the government is serious about preserving the lives of citizens, and that the investigation is under way into the violations that occurred, and will answer all of the cause of any violations, and that the government would not tolerate it. ”
For his part , Sheikh Abdul Latif Alhmam confirmed that the areas where military operations are not experiencing systematic action against civilians, but they are violations perhaps you might get at the hands of some individuals , “stressing that” some of the media distorts the facts, and promotes lies, and trying to cover up the victories achieved by the people of Iraq against terrorism. ”
for his part , Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh welcomed the visit, referring to his country ‘s keenness to support, and support for Iraq in its war against terrorism , ” noting that ” the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has absolute faith that security and stability would return to Iraq,” stressing ” the prestigious status enjoyed by Iraq to the Alordn.anthy

Urgent .. source in the Committee of Experts shows the protesters sitting on 4/16 was incomplete quorum


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[Wayne-Baghdad] An
informed source said that the committee of experts charged by the Federal Court that the protesters hearing on 16.4.2016 was incomplete quorum.
The source said the “commission of experts mandated by the Federal Court to verify the documents and Alfdeaout submitted to the Court concerning the meeting of the House of Representatives on 4/16 and a session on 4/26 has audited the movies and photos provided by the defense points and compare the statements of witnesses,” noting that “the number of 4/16 was to attend a meeting of the 129 attending the session was 179 4/26.

Serious steps to expand the deposits of banks


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BAGHDAD – Farah pumice
encouraged citizens financial expert to save their money in banks, especially with the start taking serious steps in the field of insurance funds and the granting of benefits to work to expand the deposits of banks.
It is estimated current monetary bloc that squandering of citizens in their homes between 30 experts – 40 trillion dinars .
The expert said Thamer al – Azzawi «morning»: The government and the banks began positive steps to attract deposit funds, but these steps need to be a real activation, inaddition to the money deposited what is beneficial for both sides with the increase ineconomic growth of the country ‘s investment.
according to the Iraqi private banks association, the increase in deposits of citizens in banks where reflections of great positive on the financial and economic sector of Iraq because increasing the deposit means more growth and increased firing of loans and operating labor and project implementation opportunities.
Azzawi highlighted the importance of the adoption of new standards to urge citizens to deposit funds, including the adoption of modern technology as organs of deposit and exchange mail and expand the work of credit cards, suggesting the possibility of thedeployment of these devices as an experiment previews of the financial banking offices and be depositing or withdrawing money without taking the benefit of the citizens , thepercentage shall be handled between banks and owners of banking directly.
divided deposits in banks and savings accounts , namely: »accounts the amounts that are deposited by individuals in banks and are deposits on the types of them: a cash deposit, and the deposit of a check clearing, and the deposit of the enrollment, and fixed deposit accounts: the amounts deposited with the banks within a specified period before (individual sectors or sector companies, associations or any sectors and other variable rates benefit the amount of fixed deposits may not be made by any process of withdrawing Awaidaa during the period from the start of the deposit date until maturity and are the types: deposit for six months with an interest rate of 5 percent, and the deposit for one year with an interest rate of 5.5 percent, and the deposit for a period of two years by 6 percent interest.

Amiri: a few meters separates us from Fallujah we will not risk the lives of civilians


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Secretary General of the Badr Organisation, the leader of the popular crowd Hadi al-Ameri, announced on Monday that the security forces are on the outskirts of the city of Fallujah and separated by a few meters, confirming to the people of Fallujah that a return would be close.

Amery said, L / balance News /, said that “the security forces to control most of Anbar areas starting from Abu Ghraib and fast line down to the arm of the Tigris and Alsjr Bridge and Fallujah, east to the Japanese bridge near Nazim blather west project, and the Euphrates south to the arm of the Tigris in the north.” .

He pointed to the leadership of the crowd, “The joint forces are on the outskirts of the city of Fallujah, and a few meters separating them from the city,” noting that “the second phase of the liberalization process of Fallujah, will be completed within a few days only.”

Ameri said, that “the reason for the delay is the process, fearing for the lives of civilians, inside the city,” telling them of saying, “We support you.”

He stressed to the people, to “return to their homes will be close.”

Referred to the General Commander of the Armed Forces, Haider al-Abadi announced on Monday (23 May 2016), starting the process of liberalization Filojh.anthy

From: Inam Amaury

Parliamentary Economy: Conditions for international loans will improve the Iraqi economy


Parliamentary Economy: Conditions for international loans will improve the Iraqi economy
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BAGHDAD: Iraq News Network Sign in economy and investment parliamentary members, improving domestic economy to undergo Iraq to the terms of the international loans obtainedrecently. The borrowing Iraq from the IMF and World Bank , he will be subject to international standards and requirements , and certainly the government Steksha on the local economy and that is important to raise the Iraqi economy in the event of the application of these requirements to the public and the private economy and be the level of the global economy. “He stressed that” failure to comply with these conditions, including the nonpayment collection of government fees and customs and tax and this is subject to the terms , they affect the Iraqi economy. “Hestressed” the importance of launching agricultural and industrial loans and housing are important to stimulate movement in these vital sectors. “
The Ministry of Finance has announced that in 19 of the last May Iraq for a loan exceeds the $ 5.4 billion interest rate of 1.5% from the International Monetary Fund might allow Iraq to get another $ 15 billion in international aid over the next three years, as the Islamic Development Bank announced he taught lend Iraq $ 3 billion in the reconstruction of liberated areas and rehabilitation of infrastructure. the damage to the Iraqi economy because of falling oil prices since mid2014 to below $ 50 in addition to what ails Baghdad of pressure on the budget because of the cost of the war against al Daash. showed a document to the IMF that Iraq isexpected to face a funding gap of up to $ 17 billion in the current year is not able to measure more money.

Zebari thanked ” the seven states” to provide “generous loan” for Iraq


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BAGHDAD / tomorrow Press:

Through the Finance Minister, Hoshyar Zebari, on Monday, he expressed his thanks and appreciation to his counterparts in the Group of Seven countries and the European Union for financial support “generous” obtained by Iraq to overcome the financial crisis experienced by.

A statement from the Ministry of Finance, received “Tomorrow’s Press,” a copy of “The finance minister met the heads of the European Union and the Group of Seven countries and the European countries and the World Bank and the Japanese Agency for International Cooperation accredited to Iraq and the United Nations missions.”

The statement added, “The minister has briefed Agreement Get ready’s credit (SBA) with the International Monetary Fund and the efforts made by the Government’s efforts to get the international financial support from friendly countries and international institutions to help Iraq to withstand and overcome the challenges faced by the war on terrorism and defeat al Daash terrorist hand and narrow the financial gap taking place in Iraq’s budget for 2016 and the years that followed. “

He noted that “Zebari expressed his gratitude to those organizations and countries for their support for Iraq at this stage, reflecting the international community’s understanding of the challenges experienced by the extent of international support enjoyed by his government.”

The Minister of Finance, according to the statement that “The government for its part will be faithful to its commitments under the standby credit program, which was reached recently between Iraq agreement and the International Monetary Fund, which has contributed greatly to stimulate the donor countries to provide adequate support, and enhance the credibility of Iraq’s finance markets global money and the credit rating agencies. “

, The statement “It should be noted that, Hoshyar Zebari, the Minister of Finance may face on 06.06.2016 morning messages of thanks and appreciation to his counterparts in the countries of the Group of Seven and the European Union’s generous financial support obtained by Iraq to overcome the financial crisis experienced by the other hand the government to the G seven G7 to bring financial support by 3.6 billion. “


The rise in oil prices to $ 50 a barrel


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Brent crude prices rose to $ 50 a barrel on Monday, after being boosted by a drop in the US dollar may lead to stimulate demand, while The continuing attacks on oil infrastructure in Nigeria to a lack of supply.
The price of a futures contract for Brent International to $ 50.03 a barrel at 01:39 GMT, up 39 cents , or 0.8 percent from the last adjustment for him.
The price of futures contract West Texas Intermediate crude 49 cents or one percent to $ 49.11 a barrel.
Said traders said rising oil prices was the result of a sharp fall in the dollar on Friday, when the US currency fell 1.5 percent against a basket of other major currencies during trading today.
the decline is after the publication of weak on US jobs data, led to raise concerns about a larger setting economy in the world, but is seen falling dollar that supports the increasing demand in the rest of the world, because it makes the oil that is dealt them a cheaper dollar and the like.
traders said repeated attacks on oil infrastructure in Nigeria also supported oil prices , these attacks have led already to Nigerian production fell to its lowest level in more than 20 years.

Deputy for the party Barzani: Talabani block regret returning to Baghdad because Abadi


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[Oan- special]
deputy from the Kurdistan Democratic Party led by President of Kurdistan , Massoud Barzani ‘s bloc, said theparliamentary bloc of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan ( PUK ), led by former President Jalal Talabani “regret” to return to Baghdad.
He said Jamal Panthers told all of Iraq [where] that ” the Kurds one position toward the problems with Baghdad and the return of three Kurdish blocs and the survival of two blocks in the province had amisunderstanding, and that the party who came to Baghdad regret coming because the prime minister Haider al – Abadi promised promises did not make commitment by as usual , the absence of a signed agreement which Cassapqath promises in vain. ” He said.
He added , “So far , the vision is almost uniform and everyone with a move to Baghdad , and in government and support, but the people of the region of Kurdistan is the one who put pressure on the parliament and thegovernment , as the sole affected by these problems that got between the Governments of the Kurdistan region and the federal government , and there are popular claims not to communicate between them without conditions because the economic crisis in the region has become very sharp and you need to find solutions. ”
said Panthers that” the House of Representatives and the government needs to the Kurdish presence and parties eternally readiness to cooperate and I think that the coming days will witness the visit between theGovernments of the region and Baghdad, it said al – Abadi welcomed the Kurdish delegation whose visit Baghdad delegation , for his part expressed his willingness so if there was an intention to Baghdad to seek a solution. ”
the head of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan bloc , but Talabani announced on 22 of last May end a boycott of the mass and the return of the deputies to the parliament.
the heads of the Kurdish blocs, previously placed a meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister, as one of theconditions for the return of the House of Representatives of the Kurds in Baghdad, in the wake of a group of protesters to storm the parliament building, on 30 April, and the attack on the House of Representatives, including the number of parliamentarians of the Kurds.
He met Abadi , 29 , last May a delegation of heads of Kurdish blocs were Confirmation according to astatement the media to his office “on the importance of unifying the national ranks in the battle waged by our troops against Daash gangs and the preservation of the state institutions and work on the participants to reach effective solutions to the state of the country ‘s challenges and solving the problems in the relationship with the region , the National constructive dialogue to serve the citizens in each spot from the land of Iraq. ”
The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani said Thursday that” Kurdistan will not leave any opportunity to resolve all problems with Baghdad , “adding that he” did not approve the visit a government delegation from the region to Baghdad, but he might play some parties political visit Baghdad. ”
He added,” I want to stress that the Baghdad government represents for us a strategic depth, even if we havefollowed state roads will remain Baghdad represents the strategic depth of Kurdistan, so Kurdistan will not waste any opportunity possible to resolve all outstanding problems with the Iraqi government. ”