Hammoudi: Iraq will recover soon



06/06/2016 21:11
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Tomorrow Press / Baghdad:

Deputy House Speaker Hamoudi, Monday, that Iraq will recover soon and will exceed the economic and security ordeal, hoping edit Fallujah during the first days of this month.

He said Hamoudi’s office in a statement received by “tomorrow Press”, “The latter is the Islamic nation in general and the Iraqi people in particular, on the occasion of the holy month of goodness and accept acts of worship and forgiveness,” the month of Ramadan, “calling Bari Almighty to bless everyone well and blessings and restoration of security and economic stability and disinfect all land of Conception Daash.

The Hammoudi, according to the statement, that “Iraq will recover soon and God willing, and will exceed the economic and security ordeal thanks to the sacrifices and the blood and wings revocation present in the arena of confrontation with the enemy, and the efforts of the good people of the people of this country”, hoping ZF Bushra edit Fallujah during the first days of this holy month the culmination of our victories in her heart, “hoping for the safety of the popular fighters mobilized and our security forces and the return of displaced people and the reconstruction of areas devastated by Daash.

He said First Deputy Chairman of the Council during the greeting, “I wish I could be this holy month a good opportunity to review and take advantage of either personal or institutional mistakes, building determination about the best and the fittest and the determination of our sons victories in the fronts.”


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