Defence Minister calls channels Gulf states not to stir up sectarian strife in Iraq


J p

Monday 06-06-2016 | 5:11:05

J p

Twilight News / she called on Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, some satellite channels that promote a “distinction” between Iraqis and play a role “negative” feed “terrorist groups” which subsist on the sectarian environment, to not try to stir strife between the sons of the same country.

Minister al-Obeidi said in media statements, he said that Iraq, which offers enormous sacrifices to fight terrorists is to defend the entire world, especially the sons of all their constituents debar the most notorious terrorist attack in the region trying with all my strength for the deployment of its crimes in the world and the region.

وزير الدفاع يدعو قنوات دول خليجية الى عدم إثارة النعرات الطائفية في العراق

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