UN: Fallujah operations should unite political forces


Khandan – Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jan Kubis welcomed the call of the supreme religious authority Ali al-Sistani to protect civilians and their property during the ongoing liberalization of the Fallujah military operations.

The new Kubis said in a statement, his call to “all parties to the conflict to do everything they can to protect civilians and full compliance with international humanitarian law, and ensure not to hinder their access to medical facilities and their access to humanitarian aid and allow them to leave the areas affected by the violence in safety and dignity.”

He Kubis all “concerned about reports of violations of human rights against the fleeing fighting civilians” and urged “the Iraqi government to conduct a thorough investigation into these reports and do their utmost to prevent such incidents and to hold accountable those involved in this business in a transparent manner.”

And cross-Kubi for “appreciation for the directives issued by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in this regard.”

He appealed to the UN envoy of the Iraqi authorities, who are security checks for civilians to leave the combat zone, to “ensure that this process is done as soon as possible and in full accordance with the principles of humanity under the central government structure to ensure transparency and a mechanism reliable follow-up for those who are arrested and responsibility on their numbers and their places In order to prevent abuses and reassure their relatives who are worried about their safety. “

He said Kubis “The people of Fallujah have suffered greatly under the control of Daash, many of whom commute and put their lives at greater risk in order to escape from the terrorist group and the battles, they are in dire need of a safe haven, and should not be subjected to further suffering and intimidation.”

He added Kubis “The battle of Fallujah is the battle of all Iraqis who wish to see their future with each other in an Iraq devoid Daash. The noble cause to rid Fallujah of terrorists Daash should not be distorted allowed violations of human rights and dignity of people, especially on a sectarian basis.”

Special Representative of Iraqi political leaders and the leaders of all military and security forces urged to “assume their responsibilities and stand as one to liberate Fallujah and Daash stripped of any chance to use violations, notably list them on a sectarian basis, for the purposes of the special regulation.”

He pointed UN envoy to “The sedition and sectarian tensions were still of the goals of the terrorist group. Although Fallujah operations should unite political forces against the forces that are fueling the sectarian fire and push them to work together to reach a national reconciliation that highlight the need for it, on the road to achieving a settlement hISTORIC based on inclusiveness and to ensure equality and justice for all, so that would lay a sustainable foundation for the unity of Iraq and its people. “



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