Parliament: the signing of Iraq to loans require him to impose extra taxes on the citizens needed to be reviewed


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} saw parliamentary bloc, a coalition of national chairman Kadhim al-Shammari, said on Sunday that the signing of Iraq to loans require him to impose extra taxes on the citizens needed to be reviewed, calling on the government to “greater transparency about Karza the International Monetary Fund and a loan of US arming of Iraq.”
Al – Shammari said in a press statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} acopy of it today, ” The Modern and concerns raised from many quarters about therecent loans signed by the government with the International Monetary Fund and theUnited States that have ratified it would be a real disaster plaguing Iraq will represent restrictions shackle the country for many years . ” He added that” thesigning of Iraq for loans includes impossible conditions , both significant benefits interms or compel Iraq to impose extra taxes on the citizens are the things you need to review a real discussion and clarification and greater transparency by thegovernment and the Atnfred in steps could afford more negative than its benefits on the country. ” he noted that” the government was supposed to have to make foreign loans option is the last option and work initially on other solutions Casthsal debt owed by telecommunications companies, which exceeded four billion dollars , or move cases more quickly against spoilers to recover stolen and smuggled money and work systematically to activate the rest of the industrial, agricultural, tourism and commercial sectors in the country to be an additional resource to support thebudget. ” the condition of the international Monetary Fund in the agreement concluded by Iraq, to impose strict controls on the doors of disbursement of the loan, and full salary and allowances subordinate to the senior state employees, and job grading Supreme and private, to income tax. While not include conditions permit stamped on the ration cards, nor salaries of social protection network, and not thegovernment provided subsidies for the displaced. According to the Convention ,which provides for the granting Iraq a loan preliminary exceed $ 5 billion, according to a source familiar with the Ministry of Finance, which included general details ofthis deal was not the first, was preceded by two agreements: one in 2005, and the settlement of Iraq ‘s obligations with creditors in the Paris Club, and the other in 2008, to address the repercussions of the sharp decline in oil prices Anmak.anthy

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