China demonstrated its willingness implementation of strategic projects in the province of Diwaniyah


Besides from meeting the governor of Diwaniya, Sami al-Hasnawi with representatives of the Chinese investment companies


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06/05/2016 15:49
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Long-Presse / Diwaniya

Diwaniya announced management, on Sunday, the desire of Chinese companies, the implementation of investment projects in various sectors in the city of Diwaniyah, while confirming its commitment to facilitate the procedures and providing investment opportunities and environment appropriate to the work of these companies.

The governor of Diwaniya, Sami al-Hasnawi said in an interview to the (long-Presse), “The administration of the province examined the delegation of Group of Companies (CGC) and (چan Pi) Investment Chinese, investment projects in the energy, housing, oil and mineral industries, security systems and e-government sectors.”

Hasnawi said, “The meeting discussed the investment opportunities available in the province and ways to overcome obstacles to facilitate the procedures for companies wishing to invest in real projects contribute to providing an appropriate environment to them, to improve services and the advancement of the economy of the province, which suffers a real financial crisis.”

The governor pointed out, “there are a lot of investment opportunities in the service, agricultural and industrial sectors across the province, and was fully prepared to invest to facilitate the work of foreign companies in the province.”

The investment Diwaniyah body, announced, (early June of this), kicks off projects and employment opportunities to maintain fair, (180 km south of Baghdad), while criticized specialists investment laws and its enemy, “a lie” exploited by parties to finance themselves, conservative management confirmed its support for investors and facilitate their transactions procedures, and threatened to withdraw from work if the Kuwaiti company has not committed to the implementation of Diwaniyah commercial airport project.

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