Saleh: talks with the International Monetary confirmed the international community’s support for Iraq


6/5/2016 0:00

Baghdad, Alaa al-Taie
He said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister to include senior civil servants and special grades and presidencies overall tax on the total income and the exclusion of the security forces and employees of third-degree Balthacb and below it, in what was described Iraq’s arrangements with the International Monetary Fund in Amman on lending as «positive» and embodies the community support international Iraq.
Saleh said, in an interview with «morning»: The government is working in cooperation with the International Monetary Fund, according to the program introduces for the first time the issue of corporate governance, audit and examination and transparency, noting that the program included maintaining the priorities of them displaced and the social protection network and the salaries of employees and retirees and the ration card and everything related spending social with a mechanism for the disbursement of those funds.

Expenses undergo scrutiny

Saleh pointed out that the mechanisms to be followed to ensure subject all expenses for auditing and monitoring by the Office of Financial Supervision and the adoption of external auditors international in accordance with criteria and international standards are supported in addition to the involvement of the Integrity Commission, which will enter for the first time a party in this program and strongly, indicating that it will be adjusted Authority Act to give it independence the biggest international dimension as it is consistent with the United Nations Convention against corruption as the accession to the Convention in accordance with the new law will give them a strong Adhiraa to respond and recover all the money stolen from Iraq in the former Covenant.
Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister announced the launch of BSA campaign to check all employees and pensions for the detection of cases of fraud and aliens are paid more than the salary or pension, describing those cases manipulation as against the logic in all the world-Qaeda must be the fight against corruption in all its forms, as it is not possible that we have a crisis of unemployment rates higher than 25 percent, while there are several of paid salaries which is contrary to justice. And increased favor by saying that part of the safeguards that were agreed upon with the International Monetary Fund includes «deepen the control and inspection and checking on all the arrears on the operating budget level or investment in the event has seen reluctance or delay for a period of 20 days must be documented and displayed an international reports include the nature of the delay and its causes », explaining that he will be« show reports every three Achehraly cabinet includes a comprehensive explanation of the expenses and revenues and deficit financing according to the program above and then be forwarded to the Parliament for discussion and view it ».

Displaced «major problem»

Saleh revealed the existence of four million displaced people according to the latest statistics, she said «major problem» and the need for solutions where the rate of those who are below the poverty line reached a number of more than 23 percent without stability, meaning that every ten displaced people, four of them under the poverty line in addition to the poor who are already . And the favor of the IMF loan is required to maintain social spending and the adoption of a mechanism for the disbursement of the money those with setting priorities, including the displaced file and be his priority and spending are and continue without a deficit or find drainage projects due to the deficit and it’s the other terms of the social welfare network, which must include all eligible without exception in accordance with talks in Amman. Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister pointed out that the other thing is to keep the ration card and the salaries of the staff that will be secure and stable and there will be cuts again with the requirement not to expand in appointments other than the medical and health and educational personnel, judges and the armed forces, stressing the need that the appointments be «quality».

The Ministry of Finance bonds

In another aspect, Saleh said that all oil accounts receivable are subject to audit by an external auditor every contracting payments that will be paid through bonds, amounting to 7.6 trillion, which is supposed to be paid according to the bonds of the Ministry of Finance and the request of the Fund, all will be contracting checked before exchange to ensure safety and health, noting that the talks with the international Monetary Fund in Amman dealt with the preparation of government employees, which exceeded four million employees and three million retired and are a burden on the state. He noted that the benefit of priority to education, health and the building of schools and hospitals will not stop depending on the program, which gave priority to social spending in Iraq, assured that salaries will not cut again and promotions continue with a commitment to a ceiling of salaries and prepare existing. And on the request of the International Monetary Fund to impose income tax on the total salary partial tax levied on the part of the salary, instead of the so-called «nominal salary» without provisions and in force at the present time, economic advisor to the prime minister said that after explaining the nature of the salaries paid to employees and the disparity in Taking into account the circumstances of the employee «decide to exclude the armed forces and employees of the third class, down from tax settling accounts full of income to be applied and that these groups will not be subject to hold accountable tax extra or destruction on the overall income or« total salary »and keep it partially, while senior staff salaries will be subject to second-class The first up and general managers and advisers, ministers, deputy ministers and members of parliament and members of provincial councils and the president and the ministers all of whom will be bringing them the tax Balthacb for the entire income, without exception.
In regard to marital allocations and children, denied the benefit of what some of the media coverage of the tax Balthacb or decrease.

To close the fiscal gap

In another matter, Saleh said the government is working to close the fiscal gap, estimated at $ 50 billion, according to estimates by the IMF, which «assumes» the survival of the current sale price of oil and over three years, indicating that the decline in selling a barrel of oil price globally this year was born a deficit extra on the federal budget worth 11 trillion dinars for being lower than the specified price, which was adopted in the budget of 2016 was $ 45 at an average rate is $ 35 per barrel in the first months of this year when the price of a barrel of oil reached its lowest level.
Saleh said he is supposed to have an annual deficit of $ 16-17 trillion dinars We will reduce them 11 trillion dinars and the rest of the deficit is financed by the loan will be the mechanism adopted to cover the fiscal deficit and financial gap for fiscal sustainability and the conduct of life and social expenses properly.

Large financial umbrella

Economic Adviser and refuted what Taatdolh some media that the loan carries great benefits, and stressed that the interest rate does not exceed 1.5 percent, which puts Iraq in the ranks grade countries first in terms of credit rating because he is under great financial umbrella, calling on the media to be accurate in the transfer of information. In a related context, Saleh said that all oil accounts receivable are subject to audit by an external auditor every contracting payments that will be paid through bonds, amounting to $ 7.6 trillion, which is supposed to be paid according to the bonds of the Ministry of Finance and the request of the Fund, all will be contracting checked before exchange to ensure their safety and health, pointing out that the loan details included give Iraq $ 5.4 billion from the international Monetary Fund will launch them during the month of July of $ 600 million which has approvals completely, and there are (13) push each worth $ 330 million over 36 months .


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