Kurdish lawmaker: Abadi said he is ready for dialogue and resolve outstanding issues with the Kurdistan


6.4.2016 12:19

The Kurdistan Alliance Farhad capable Karim said the meeting, which included Prime Minister Wahid al-Abadi and heads of political blocs in the Kurdistan accompanied by political agreements.

Capable in an interview said that the meeting dealt with issues and outstanding problems between the federal government and Iraqi Kurdistan.

He is able to Kurdish blocs demanded the availability of guarantees to resolve the outstanding problems regarding the salaries of the Peshmerga and 17% percent of the budget and oil exports, indicating that al-Abadi said he is ready to resolve all threads encounters and dialogue.

He is able to Kurdistan Alliance awaiting the resumption of meetings and dialogues in the near future, noting that there is a need to conclude a new agreement is signed the agreement in 2014 with regard to oil exports and entitlements of the budget.

And the chief of the Kurdish blocs, they put previously held a meeting with the Iraqi prime minister, as one of the conditions for the return of Kurdish MPs in Baghdad, in the wake of a group of protesters to storm the parliament building, on 30 April, and the attack on the House of Representatives, including the number of parliamentarians of the Kurds.


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