Christian Gooch: The International Monetary Fund will grant Iraq $ 5 billion in the 14 stage


By Roudao 25 minutes ago
كريستيان جوتش
Christian Gooch

Roudao – Erbil

President of Iraq ‘s mission to the International Monetary Fund, Christian Gooch, said the fund would give Iraq $ 5 billion in 14 phases, and each phase conditions on Iraq ‘simplementation.

Christian Gooch will attempt to detect in the implementation of agreements signed between the Kurdistan Regional Government Center agreements, noting that “the planning minister in the government of Kurdistan to attend meetings related to the implementation of existing agreements between the two sides, saying that the Erbil and Baghdad have agreed on some points.”

Roudao media network in Washington held a lengthy meeting with the head of the IMF mission, Christian Gooch, about several issues related to the guardian Monetary Fund, and the granting of loans Iraq in the coming period.

The following is a transcript of the interview:

Roudao: The International Monetary Fund, for granted Iraq Mlbg $ 5 billion, why do you take this decision?

Christian Gooch: after a drop in crude oil prices in global markets, Iraq signed in a financial crisis, the International Monetary Fund, an international institution, and when you enter any country in the Fund’s help to grant loans, and in the autumn of last year’s economic crisis meetings began between us and Iraqi officials, and then we decided give them $ 5 billion. “

Roudao: Is the Baghdad government to resolve the financial crisis Tstata $ 5 billion?

Christian Gooch: Yes, I think it Tstata to end its financial crisis this amount, there are major problems, and that the Government of Iraq disposal of all expenses of its oil imports, and the price of a barrel of oil sold on the market for $ 100, while the day is clear as he will reach the price of crude to the levels, and Iraq was wrong several times in determining the budget in 2014, was a 30% reduction of public expenses, the aim of the agreement signed between us and the government in Baghdad is to reduce expenses, it is true, if the price of a barrel of oil did not reach $ 100, but I think the price of oil will rise, and this debt will help the Iraqi government in its current state, there are other financial aid it will have later.

Roudao: One of the conditions of the International Monetary Iraq, is to put an end to corruption rampant in institutions, to what extent can the fight against corruption?

Christian Gooch: developing this condition after our meeting with the Commission on Public Integrity and Anti-Corruption, has been increasing powers of the members of the Commission to carry out the necessary procedures.

Roudao: Is it possible payroll?

Christian Gooch: The task is not only the payroll, but imports of energy riches, the current system is detected and skills of natural resources, and the resources of the main people, the goal of the Integrity and Anti-Corruption closing the doors of corruption, and to identify areas of deficiency.

Roudao: Will be implemented the Integrity and AntiCorruption sanctions on corrupt characters?

Christian Gooch: we put these topics in the program, but officials are Iraqis who will this procedure.

Roudao: As we know there are problems between Erbil and Baghdad to budget concerns, oil, and the request of therepresentative of the Kurdistan Regional Government during his visit to Washington, asked the international organizationsto allocate Kurdistan ‘s share of the amount earned by Iraq, and the question here is do you put the International Monetary Fund condition before Baghdad to pay Erbil allocations ?

Christian Gooch: Our goal is to implement the agreements signed between Erbil and Baghdad, and Minister of Planning in the government of Kurdistan agreements attend meetings related to the implementation of existing agreements between the two sides, saying that the Erbil and Baghdad have agreed on some points.

Roudao: Well, you asked the officials of the International Monetary Fund at the meeting, with the participation of theKurds in the meetings that take place between the two parties?

Christian Gooch: Iraqi government itself has the participation of a representative of the Kurds in the meetings, and we in the IMF pleased with the participation of the Kurds?

Roudao: if Iraq carried out your terms, what will decide the IMF?

Christian Gooch: at the moment is very unlikely to issue any decision, but we both parties have agreed to grant $ 5.4 billion, according to the resolutions of the debt will be converted into the top twenty, in order to discuss the conditions.

Roudao: What is the interest rate on the loan granted to Iraq ratio?

Christian Gooch: interest rate ranging between 1% and 3%, which is not fixed and may change.

Roudao: Will give debt petroleum companies, within theagreed program the two parties?

Christian Gooch: Yes, according to the government program Majaburh to pay the debt in debt for 90 days for oil companies.

Roudao: not Baghdad alone , the city of the oil companies, but Arbil also debts oil companies, and the Kurdistan Regional Government says because of nonpayment of Baghdad ‘sbudget, they are Atstata pay its commitments to oil companies, and the question why you would get Irbil in this agreement?

Christian Gooch: According to our agreement, Baghdad and Erbil are Taatakaflan program.


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