Abadi adviser reveal the identity of “infiltrators” inthe demonstrations and accused thedemonstrators carrying “swords and pistols . “

Editor Mustafa Saad – Saturday June 4, 2016 21:21

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Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Detection and Walid al-Hilli adviser to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Saturday, about the identity of what he called “infiltrators” who participated in demonstrations in Baghdad and the recent storming of the Green Zone, as protesters accused the carrying “swords and pistols,” referred to the “theft” occurred in the House of Representatives and the Office of the Prime Minister when storming Region.
The ornaments in an interview on “exclusive interview” which aired Sumerian, “The protesters should not enter into the Green Zone, and the security forces used tear gas and rubber bullets did not kill any one,” pointing to “the occurrence of robberies in the Prime Minister’s Office and the Council House of Representatives. “
He added ornaments, that “the part of the demonstrators were carrying swords and pistols,” adding, “injuring 37 officers and policemen with knives and iron machines and releases by Mdensen.”
He continued that “lurking in the demonstrations are the leaders of the Baath Party, which announced in a written documented our involvement and support for the demonstrations, as well as opponents of the political process, such as Tariq al-Hashimi and the remnants of the former regime and terrorists came out of prison in order to bring down the government,” stressing that “the security services follow these lurking.”
Abadi was charged in (21 May 2016), “infiltrators” of trying to “drag” the country to chaos and attack on security forces in Baghdad, stressing that the storming of the state institutions can not accept it with the laxity of the perpetrators.

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