Abadi adviser reveal the identity of “infiltrators” inthe demonstrations and accused thedemonstrators carrying “swords and pistols . “

Editor Mustafa Saad – Saturday June 4, 2016 21:21

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Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Detection and Walid al-Hilli adviser to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Saturday, about the identity of what he called “infiltrators” who participated in demonstrations in Baghdad and the recent storming of the Green Zone, as protesters accused the carrying “swords and pistols,” referred to the “theft” occurred in the House of Representatives and the Office of the Prime Minister when storming Region.
The ornaments in an interview on “exclusive interview” which aired Sumerian, “The protesters should not enter into the Green Zone, and the security forces used tear gas and rubber bullets did not kill any one,” pointing to “the occurrence of robberies in the Prime Minister’s Office and the Council House of Representatives. “
He added ornaments, that “the part of the demonstrators were carrying swords and pistols,” adding, “injuring 37 officers and policemen with knives and iron machines and releases by Mdensen.”
He continued that “lurking in the demonstrations are the leaders of the Baath Party, which announced in a written documented our involvement and support for the demonstrations, as well as opponents of the political process, such as Tariq al-Hashimi and the remnants of the former regime and terrorists came out of prison in order to bring down the government,” stressing that “the security services follow these lurking.”
Abadi was charged in (21 May 2016), “infiltrators” of trying to “drag” the country to chaos and attack on security forces in Baghdad, stressing that the storming of the state institutions can not accept it with the laxity of the perpetrators.

A friendly match end in a draw between the political parties and the representatives of the States in Erbil


By Roudao one hour ago
المباراة التي اقيمت على ملعب فرانسو حريري
Match at the Francois Hariri Stadium

Roudao – Erbil

Political parties play a team in Kurdistan with representatives of foreign countries and consulates in Kurdistan team in a friendly match Saturday evening, Arbil, and the game ended in a draw.

For the first time in the history of Kurdistan plays the leading figures in the political parties in one team friendly match with the representatives of foreign countries and consulates in Kurdistan, and the game was in the World Francois Hariri stadium.

And participated in the game Consul of America, the United Arab Emirates, and all the representatives of other States to the Kurdistan Region, and ended with a friendly game with nine goals for each team.

Said Omid Khcnaw, head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party’s parliamentary bloc, and one of the players who took part of the game, the network Roudao media, “This game was representing all political parties in Kurdistan,” hoping that “up this game to its goal of uniting the row between political parties.”


Saleh: talks with the International Monetary confirmed the international community’s support for Iraq


6/5/2016 0:00

Baghdad, Alaa al-Taie
He said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister to include senior civil servants and special grades and presidencies overall tax on the total income and the exclusion of the security forces and employees of third-degree Balthacb and below it, in what was described Iraq’s arrangements with the International Monetary Fund in Amman on lending as «positive» and embodies the community support international Iraq.
Saleh said, in an interview with «morning»: The government is working in cooperation with the International Monetary Fund, according to the program introduces for the first time the issue of corporate governance, audit and examination and transparency, noting that the program included maintaining the priorities of them displaced and the social protection network and the salaries of employees and retirees and the ration card and everything related spending social with a mechanism for the disbursement of those funds.

Expenses undergo scrutiny

Saleh pointed out that the mechanisms to be followed to ensure subject all expenses for auditing and monitoring by the Office of Financial Supervision and the adoption of external auditors international in accordance with criteria and international standards are supported in addition to the involvement of the Integrity Commission, which will enter for the first time a party in this program and strongly, indicating that it will be adjusted Authority Act to give it independence the biggest international dimension as it is consistent with the United Nations Convention against corruption as the accession to the Convention in accordance with the new law will give them a strong Adhiraa to respond and recover all the money stolen from Iraq in the former Covenant.
Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister announced the launch of BSA campaign to check all employees and pensions for the detection of cases of fraud and aliens are paid more than the salary or pension, describing those cases manipulation as against the logic in all the world-Qaeda must be the fight against corruption in all its forms, as it is not possible that we have a crisis of unemployment rates higher than 25 percent, while there are several of paid salaries which is contrary to justice. And increased favor by saying that part of the safeguards that were agreed upon with the International Monetary Fund includes «deepen the control and inspection and checking on all the arrears on the operating budget level or investment in the event has seen reluctance or delay for a period of 20 days must be documented and displayed an international reports include the nature of the delay and its causes », explaining that he will be« show reports every three Achehraly cabinet includes a comprehensive explanation of the expenses and revenues and deficit financing according to the program above and then be forwarded to the Parliament for discussion and view it ».

Displaced «major problem»

Saleh revealed the existence of four million displaced people according to the latest statistics, she said «major problem» and the need for solutions where the rate of those who are below the poverty line reached a number of more than 23 percent without stability, meaning that every ten displaced people, four of them under the poverty line in addition to the poor who are already . And the favor of the IMF loan is required to maintain social spending and the adoption of a mechanism for the disbursement of the money those with setting priorities, including the displaced file and be his priority and spending are and continue without a deficit or find drainage projects due to the deficit and it’s the other terms of the social welfare network, which must include all eligible without exception in accordance with talks in Amman. Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister pointed out that the other thing is to keep the ration card and the salaries of the staff that will be secure and stable and there will be cuts again with the requirement not to expand in appointments other than the medical and health and educational personnel, judges and the armed forces, stressing the need that the appointments be «quality».

The Ministry of Finance bonds

In another aspect, Saleh said that all oil accounts receivable are subject to audit by an external auditor every contracting payments that will be paid through bonds, amounting to 7.6 trillion, which is supposed to be paid according to the bonds of the Ministry of Finance and the request of the Fund, all will be contracting checked before exchange to ensure safety and health, noting that the talks with the international Monetary Fund in Amman dealt with the preparation of government employees, which exceeded four million employees and three million retired and are a burden on the state. He noted that the benefit of priority to education, health and the building of schools and hospitals will not stop depending on the program, which gave priority to social spending in Iraq, assured that salaries will not cut again and promotions continue with a commitment to a ceiling of salaries and prepare existing. And on the request of the International Monetary Fund to impose income tax on the total salary partial tax levied on the part of the salary, instead of the so-called «nominal salary» without provisions and in force at the present time, economic advisor to the prime minister said that after explaining the nature of the salaries paid to employees and the disparity in Taking into account the circumstances of the employee «decide to exclude the armed forces and employees of the third class, down from tax settling accounts full of income to be applied and that these groups will not be subject to hold accountable tax extra or destruction on the overall income or« total salary »and keep it partially, while senior staff salaries will be subject to second-class The first up and general managers and advisers, ministers, deputy ministers and members of parliament and members of provincial councils and the president and the ministers all of whom will be bringing them the tax Balthacb for the entire income, without exception.
In regard to marital allocations and children, denied the benefit of what some of the media coverage of the tax Balthacb or decrease.

To close the fiscal gap

In another matter, Saleh said the government is working to close the fiscal gap, estimated at $ 50 billion, according to estimates by the IMF, which «assumes» the survival of the current sale price of oil and over three years, indicating that the decline in selling a barrel of oil price globally this year was born a deficit extra on the federal budget worth 11 trillion dinars for being lower than the specified price, which was adopted in the budget of 2016 was $ 45 at an average rate is $ 35 per barrel in the first months of this year when the price of a barrel of oil reached its lowest level.
Saleh said he is supposed to have an annual deficit of $ 16-17 trillion dinars We will reduce them 11 trillion dinars and the rest of the deficit is financed by the loan will be the mechanism adopted to cover the fiscal deficit and financial gap for fiscal sustainability and the conduct of life and social expenses properly.

Large financial umbrella

Economic Adviser and refuted what Taatdolh some media that the loan carries great benefits, and stressed that the interest rate does not exceed 1.5 percent, which puts Iraq in the ranks grade countries first in terms of credit rating because he is under great financial umbrella, calling on the media to be accurate in the transfer of information. In a related context, Saleh said that all oil accounts receivable are subject to audit by an external auditor every contracting payments that will be paid through bonds, amounting to $ 7.6 trillion, which is supposed to be paid according to the bonds of the Ministry of Finance and the request of the Fund, all will be contracting checked before exchange to ensure their safety and health, pointing out that the loan details included give Iraq $ 5.4 billion from the international Monetary Fund will launch them during the month of July of $ 600 million which has approvals completely, and there are (13) push each worth $ 330 million over 36 months .



Christian Gooch: The International Monetary Fund will grant Iraq $ 5 billion in the 14 stage


By Roudao 25 minutes ago
كريستيان جوتش
Christian Gooch

Roudao – Erbil

President of Iraq ‘s mission to the International Monetary Fund, Christian Gooch, said the fund would give Iraq $ 5 billion in 14 phases, and each phase conditions on Iraq ‘simplementation.

Christian Gooch will attempt to detect in the implementation of agreements signed between the Kurdistan Regional Government Center agreements, noting that “the planning minister in the government of Kurdistan to attend meetings related to the implementation of existing agreements between the two sides, saying that the Erbil and Baghdad have agreed on some points.”

Roudao media network in Washington held a lengthy meeting with the head of the IMF mission, Christian Gooch, about several issues related to the guardian Monetary Fund, and the granting of loans Iraq in the coming period.

The following is a transcript of the interview:

Roudao: The International Monetary Fund, for granted Iraq Mlbg $ 5 billion, why do you take this decision?

Christian Gooch: after a drop in crude oil prices in global markets, Iraq signed in a financial crisis, the International Monetary Fund, an international institution, and when you enter any country in the Fund’s help to grant loans, and in the autumn of last year’s economic crisis meetings began between us and Iraqi officials, and then we decided give them $ 5 billion. “

Roudao: Is the Baghdad government to resolve the financial crisis Tstata $ 5 billion?

Christian Gooch: Yes, I think it Tstata to end its financial crisis this amount, there are major problems, and that the Government of Iraq disposal of all expenses of its oil imports, and the price of a barrel of oil sold on the market for $ 100, while the day is clear as he will reach the price of crude to the levels, and Iraq was wrong several times in determining the budget in 2014, was a 30% reduction of public expenses, the aim of the agreement signed between us and the government in Baghdad is to reduce expenses, it is true, if the price of a barrel of oil did not reach $ 100, but I think the price of oil will rise, and this debt will help the Iraqi government in its current state, there are other financial aid it will have later.

Roudao: One of the conditions of the International Monetary Iraq, is to put an end to corruption rampant in institutions, to what extent can the fight against corruption?

Christian Gooch: developing this condition after our meeting with the Commission on Public Integrity and Anti-Corruption, has been increasing powers of the members of the Commission to carry out the necessary procedures.

Roudao: Is it possible payroll?

Christian Gooch: The task is not only the payroll, but imports of energy riches, the current system is detected and skills of natural resources, and the resources of the main people, the goal of the Integrity and Anti-Corruption closing the doors of corruption, and to identify areas of deficiency.

Roudao: Will be implemented the Integrity and AntiCorruption sanctions on corrupt characters?

Christian Gooch: we put these topics in the program, but officials are Iraqis who will this procedure.

Roudao: As we know there are problems between Erbil and Baghdad to budget concerns, oil, and the request of therepresentative of the Kurdistan Regional Government during his visit to Washington, asked the international organizationsto allocate Kurdistan ‘s share of the amount earned by Iraq, and the question here is do you put the International Monetary Fund condition before Baghdad to pay Erbil allocations ?

Christian Gooch: Our goal is to implement the agreements signed between Erbil and Baghdad, and Minister of Planning in the government of Kurdistan agreements attend meetings related to the implementation of existing agreements between the two sides, saying that the Erbil and Baghdad have agreed on some points.

Roudao: Well, you asked the officials of the International Monetary Fund at the meeting, with the participation of theKurds in the meetings that take place between the two parties?

Christian Gooch: Iraqi government itself has the participation of a representative of the Kurds in the meetings, and we in the IMF pleased with the participation of the Kurds?

Roudao: if Iraq carried out your terms, what will decide the IMF?

Christian Gooch: at the moment is very unlikely to issue any decision, but we both parties have agreed to grant $ 5.4 billion, according to the resolutions of the debt will be converted into the top twenty, in order to discuss the conditions.

Roudao: What is the interest rate on the loan granted to Iraq ratio?

Christian Gooch: interest rate ranging between 1% and 3%, which is not fixed and may change.

Roudao: Will give debt petroleum companies, within theagreed program the two parties?

Christian Gooch: Yes, according to the government program Majaburh to pay the debt in debt for 90 days for oil companies.

Roudao: not Baghdad alone , the city of the oil companies, but Arbil also debts oil companies, and the Kurdistan Regional Government says because of nonpayment of Baghdad ‘sbudget, they are Atstata pay its commitments to oil companies, and the question why you would get Irbil in this agreement?

Christian Gooch: According to our agreement, Baghdad and Erbil are Taatakaflan program.



Ornaments: Abadi returned tens of billions to thetreasury , and some wanted to circumvent the reforms

Saturday June 4, 2016 21:53
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Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Accused Walid al-Hilli adviser to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Saturday, political views “did not like her serious,” the last, to “circumvent” the reforms, pointing to the existence of forces he emerged from the Council of Ministers wanted to impose their will as “another address,” as he emphasized that Abadi restored “tens of billions” to the state treasury.

The ornaments in an interview on “exclusive interview” which aired Sumerian, said that “many did not live up to them the seriousness of al-Abadi in the reforms they wanted to circumvent it by upholding the slogan and leave the real work,” adding that “sit in the House of Representatives does not appear in the democratic history.”
He added that “many of these protesters they want Ministries and the benefits of personal and took advantage of this opportunity to express their personal ambitions entitled masses,” noting that “some forces found themselves out of the cabinet and wanted to impose their last title.”
Ornaments and continued that “Abadi wanted to throw ministries and comes ministers technocrats and political entities to cooperate in order to build a democracy properly,” pointing out that “Abadi returned tens of billions of dollars to the Iraqi treasury.”
The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi called for in the (February 9, 2016), to make a cabinet reshuffle “substantial” include personalities “technocrats”, and called for parliament and political blocs with the support the government in it, amid demonstrations and protests later evolved to break into the Green Zone and the Houses of Parliament and ministers.


Kurdish lawmaker: Abadi said he is ready for dialogue and resolve outstanding issues with the Kurdistan


6.4.2016 12:19

The Kurdistan Alliance Farhad capable Karim said the meeting, which included Prime Minister Wahid al-Abadi and heads of political blocs in the Kurdistan accompanied by political agreements.

Capable in an interview said that the meeting dealt with issues and outstanding problems between the federal government and Iraqi Kurdistan.

He is able to Kurdish blocs demanded the availability of guarantees to resolve the outstanding problems regarding the salaries of the Peshmerga and 17% percent of the budget and oil exports, indicating that al-Abadi said he is ready to resolve all threads encounters and dialogue.

He is able to Kurdistan Alliance awaiting the resumption of meetings and dialogues in the near future, noting that there is a need to conclude a new agreement is signed the agreement in 2014 with regard to oil exports and entitlements of the budget.

And the chief of the Kurdish blocs, they put previously held a meeting with the Iraqi prime minister, as one of the conditions for the return of Kurdish MPs in Baghdad, in the wake of a group of protesters to storm the parliament building, on 30 April, and the attack on the House of Representatives, including the number of parliamentarians of the Kurds.


Urgent Abadi sack Saadi Arda appointed instead of him to lead the Fallujah operations


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[Oan- Baghdad]
revealed a senior security chief commander of the armed forces , Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi ordered tosack the commander of Fallujah operations Lt. Gen. Abdul – Wahab al – Saadi from office.
Said Maj . Gen. commander of special operations in the fight against terrorism , Sami Arda device told all ofIraq [where] that ” the commanding general ordered Ptaina to lead the Fallujah operations” rather than al -Saadi.
The Abadi had announced 23 of last May springboard edit Fallujah operation which managed the security forces and the crowd People ‘s Liberation dozens of areas wrested from the Daash at the center of operations with a complete blockade of the city.


Keywords: Abadi has a list of candidates for the ministries and pending the convening of Parliament offered



Since 06/04/2016 18:59 pm (Baghdad time)

Special – balances News

MP for the coalition of state law Keywords, Saturday, possession of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi list of candidates for the ministries and wait for the council to convene offered to him, noting that the list includes the ministers of Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds.

Keywords and said L / balance News / “The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has a complete list of candidates for the portfolios within the reform plan initiated by the Prime Minister.”

Ela’s that “Abadi awaiting Parliament and added that only takes place after the end of the legislative recess or during a special session to submit the names of candidates to vote for them,” noting that “the list includes the names of Kurds, Shiites and Sunnis and other sects of technocrats.”

The chairman of the parliament, announced last week, on the legislative recess of the parliament began after the expiration of the extension of the chapter Altcheriei.anthy 29/33 h


It killed more than 400 since the start of liberalization Daasha Fallujah operations

It killed more than 400 since the start of liberalization Daasha Fallujah operations

BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / … announced that the Federal police headquarters on Friday, killing more than 400 component of the organization (Daash) since the start of liberalization Fallujah operations.

According to the federal police headquarters in a statement received / Baghdadi News / copy of it, “federal police forces managed to kill 402 element of the organization (Daash) including 41 sniper since the start of the battle to liberate Fallujah.” Indicating that “has been destroyed five bulldozers and 23 bomb wheel bearing machine guns and 286 single-hostile target for the organization.”

The statement added that “the forces were able to destroy 61 diverse mechanism of the enemy and detonate an explosive device 604 and seven plants for the manufacture of containers and booby-trapping the wheels and handle bomb ten buildings” .anthy 21 / T