Parliamentary Economy: deduction of employees’ salaries depend on the improvement in the economic situation


Economy News / Baghdad

Committee of economy and investment representative confirmed that the deductions that take place on the salaries of state employees and continuing to next year depends on the improvement in the economic situation of the country.

Said committee member respond by Najib in an interview for “Economy News”, deductions witnessed by this year’s budget staff salaries was due to the economic situation, which has passed through the country as a result of lower oil prices and fight security forces fierce battles against terrorism, which drained the big money, and made the country needs Cash.

Najib said that everyone involved to address this crisis is not only the staff but even ministries, institutions and the provinces in terms of lower costs in order to have a true face of the financial crisis.

Najib said that if the improvement in the security and economic situation in the country, the 2017 budget will not include deductions for salaried employees but will be spent full salaries.

The Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari announced that, in the (19 May 2016), to reach an agreement with the World Bank Fund for a loan worth $ 5.4 billion, while the loan will allow securing additional financial assistance to reach about $ 15 billion over three years next, Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, on the Keywords confirmed that the annual interest of the loan up to 1.5 percent.


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