Dozens of followers of the Sadrist movement demonstrating in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad


Friday 03-06-2016 | 5:20:17

 J p

Twilight News / Dozens of followers of Sadr’s movement came out on Friday in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad, demonstrations, renewing their demands for the elimination of financial and administrative corruption rampant government departments and institutions.

The protesters reiterated their claims to the implementation of government reforms and accountability of corrupt and negligent officials in the state, improve security, and economic and living reality in the country.

The protesters announced their support for the operations waged by the security forces and fighters of the popular crowd and clans in the liberation of the city of Fallujah, and the rest of the areas controlled by the terrorist organization Daash.

العشرات من اتباع التيار الصدري يتظاهرون بساحة التحرير وسط بغداد

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