Jones: Iraqi development reform program will address the delay 4000 project and reduces corruption and waste

US Ambassador to Iraq Stuart Jones

Author: AB, HH, MK

Editor: AB, HH 2/6/2016 11:26 Number of Views: 302

Long-Presse / Baghdad

Confirmed US ambassador to Iraq, Stuart Jones, said Thursday that the Iraqi development reform program will enable the government of its budget to better manage and treat delayed four thousands of a project, and promised “a major breakthrough” contribute to improving the living situation in Iraq, while pointed out that it would allow the government contracted with reputable companies and mitigation of “corruption and waste.”

The US ambassador to Iraq, Stuart Jones, in a speech during the launch of “development reform” program in Iraq relying on Iraqi development management program which was held at the Rashid Hotel in central Baghdad conference, attended by (long-Presse), said that “the happiness to attend this event to celebrate the launch two projects are important, namely the electronic system to oversee the state budget and the second standard documents developed a program which requires specific documents regular presentations in the field. ”

He said Jones, “These initiatives are implemented at the local and international Almistoan necessary to improve services for the Iraqi people, and ensure that the principle of transparency and fairness in any rational system,” and expressed his happiness “to achieve this feat through a partnership of the United States of America with the Iraqi government and the Ministry of Planning.”

He stressed Jones, that “the system standard documents of the presentations will improve the system of procurement, the Iraqi government was able to contract with reputable companies, and reduce delays, corruption and waste, which leads to the result of Iraq’s integration with the international economy,” noting that “this partnership enabled the Office of the Governor of Babylon implement a project worth $ 30 million, is going to feel its consequences by 2018 to improve electricity and water services and improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. ”

The ambassador noted, that “there is also a partnership with the Department of Transportation $ 350 million for the purchase of five boats,” pointing out that “the launch of this system will enable the government to better manage its budget and address the problems that led to the delay of four thousands of a project.”

He continued Jones, that “transparent and effective management of the investment management of Iraq provides new jobs and investment projects implemented quickly and just”, so they returned “great achievement for the implementation of projects effectively to improve the situation in Iraq and their standard of living.”

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