Planning and Investment parliamentary discussing reimburse contractors through government bonds mechanism


Economy News / Baghdad …

Research and Planning Minister Salman Jumaili with the Chairman of the Investment Committee parliamentary Jawad al-Bolani and private sector representatives the possibility of speeding up the reimbursement of contractors and farmers by issuing government bonds. 
A statement of the Ministry of Planning, “Economy News” received a copy of it, “Planning Minister Salman Jumaili met with Chairman of the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary Jawad al-Bolani and his accompanying delegation, which included representatives of the private sector.”
“It was discussed during the meeting and discuss appropriate mechanisms to facilitate the task of the Iraqi contractors for financial dues owed by the government as a result of their implementation of investment projects during the past years as part of the work of the Ministerial Committee headed by the Minister of Planning and that have already submitted its recommendations to the Prime Minister and has approved earlier. “
The statement continued, “The two sides stressed the need to speed up issuing special compensation Contractors within the mechanisms and controls that have been approved as well as discuss farmers’ dues for their marketing of agricultural crops by opening a channel for cooperation between the Ministry of Planning and Investment Committee and parliamentary representatives of the private sector bonds.”
He pointed out, “it was to discuss the mechanics of the reconstruction of liberated areas and work to turn it into an ongoing workshops, given their importance in rebuilding the economic and social for those areas,” stability, stressing “the importance of the participation of the Iraqi private sector in the reconstruction process, thanks to its potential in this area.”
For his part, al-Jumaili during the meeting, “the ministry’s readiness to support the private sector as a key partner in the development process of construction in the country,” explaining that “the process of reconstruction and restoring stability to the liberated areas a priority task of the government.”
He pointed out that “the recent measures taken by the Status of the mechanics of the reimbursement of Iraqi contractors ministerial committee, measures to ensure these rights,” stressing that “the work is now on the status of all the fine details of the payment process through the issuance of unsecured bonds.”
Turn Bolani stressed “the importance of opening up new horizons for the Iraqi private sector and encourage investment by providing the right environment for it,” noting that “the committee is seeking, through cooperation with the Ministry of Planning to activate the role of this vital sector for the advancement of development in Iraq, especially in light of economic conditions faced by Iraq and the requirements of the expanding role of the private sector in Iraq. “

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