Obama envoy: the campaign against “Daash” entered a new phase


Khandan –

Brett Macgork private international alliance against al “Daash” terrorist US president’s envoy said that the campaign against “Daash” entered a new phase, the goal now is to hit the regulation forces, and pressure on multiple axes, pointing out that the liberation of Fallujah and attack the process of broad direction of tenderness It would reduce the scope of the land on which declared “Daash succeed him out.”

He said the US president’s envoy in an interview with the German magazine Spiegel, that this campaign has now begun, despite talking about it for some time, due to the need for “military buildup on the ground and the mobilization of local forces and fighters from the region, train and advise them.”

He Macgork that “Daash lost 45 percent territory, controlled by in Iraq, and 20 percent in Syria, though coalition forces kill one of his field commanders almost every day, because we are located within their networks, and know where they are, and we can Nstahedvhm more and more with increased accuracy . after some intelligence work intensive, we are targeting now financial Mnzawmthm, where we discovered hiding their money, and after some work done by the US Special forces know where extracting their oil out of the ground, and how to pass it, and multiply these sites, “according to the website” Culture “cited in the news .

Noted Macgork, the chief spokesman for “Daash” now recognizes the shrinking area, controlled by the organization, and the death of the one led by one, and even losing control of tenderness and Mosul in the end.

Chief US envoy to the international coalition against “Daash” revealed that “US Special Forces began fifty men in northern Syria, then took a tumble on the local fighters are ready to fight against the Daash, so she trained them, and advise them on how to run their operations, and they killed the financial Daash and their prince official military. “

Field success

After Obama’s assurances that he will not put American troops on the ground, Macgork said that the US president finally agreed to open a small base for special forces near Ramadi, Anbar province in western Iraq Center, which took place under the control of “Daash” in May 2015.

“We our presence there we had an opportunity to communicate with local tribal leaders and help Iraqi forces to plan a counter-attack on the city to restore gray. The operation was successful, and we have learned from that episode that we can succeed, where we have a presence, even in very small numbers, and where we collect Knowledge local and building relationships with local leaders to communicate. “

Asked if this meant sending more units for E. Syrian troops soon, said the US envoy “Sending more troops is a possibility I always think that President Obama was very clear in saying that we do not invest only in useless things, and if the thing is feasible, we We will look at whether to invest more in it will achieve a quick result. “

“The presence of 300 special forces soldiers gives us great ability, and we’ll see what happens.” The establishment of mixed forces Macgork acknowledged that Kurdish forces, whether People’s Protection Units in Syria or the Peshmerga in Iraq, do not want to crawl on the city of Raqqa, “We are for this reason we are working hard to recruit a comprehensive local forces, mixed ethnically. In the north of Syria, we’ve created such force of 6,000 fighters 0.2500 them are not Kurds. “

The US president’s envoy to the alliance against “Daash” The start progress toward Mosul, the stage did not start “and also in Anbar province, we want to mobilize a force of 15,000 fighters. On the political front, we are trying to persuade the Kurds and the central government to continue the dialogue between them. It is necessary to prepare comprehensive plan agreed upon by everyone, before he begins the final stage. “

He Macgork the plan in the current phase is to try to isolate the connector from all sides, and that this check practicable “We are now targeting Daash leaders, destroy their money storage sites with air strikes, and are working with forces inside Mosul fighting Daash. We hope not to fight to be the battle of the streets, and in the end We want to weaken Daash, so collapsing from the inside. “

NATO ‘s role

Macgork He noted the role of NATO, saying he launched an initiative to train Iraqi officers in Jordan, expressing his hope to expand this initiative, and said that the platforms air planes AWACS, which are reconnaissance missions, could play an important role in helping the international coalition against “Daash.” Germany took the initiative to provide part of the Kurdish forces in Iraq, anti-tank missiles, has a very important role in helping the Kurdish forces to confront the bomb vehicles used by “Daash.”

He commented envoy of the US president to the international coalition against “Daash” modern Moscow about the possibility of carrying out joint air strikes with the United States saying, “We do not cooperate with Russia on the military level, and we have a phone call one day to avoid accidents in the airspace with Mqatlatna, and that’s all there is to it. in Russia instead must use its influence with the Syrian regime, to ensure its commitment to the process of Vienna, and ceased combat operations. We Nthadt with the Russians about it, but we do not talk to them about the joint operations. “


Association of Banks discussing with the US Treasury to develop ways to combat money laundering


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} examined the Iraqi private banks association, with a team from the US Treasury Department the latest developments pertaining to the banking sector in Iraq.
A statement of the Association of Banks and agency {Euphrates News} received acopy of it today, ” The representatives of the Association gave a comprehensive report on the obstacles and constraints faced by the private banks , the banking sector put an offer”, touching to ” the efforts of the Association to develop theefficiency of the banking sector in particular in the field of anti – laundering laundering and terrorist financing, through the training of workers in this sector incooperation with the ACAMS global institution. ”
He said representatives of the US Treasury during the meeting to” the Iraqi Central Bank ‘s decision on stopping 300 banking company in order to be subject to scrutiny by the standards followed by the central bank. ”
for their part , said representatives US Treasury “support for the plans of the Central Bank of Iraq to Ttoiralqtaa banking and subjected to Maiaratah in the fight against money laundering and financing of terrorism.”
the statement continued , “also touched on the need for the banking Ttoiralqtaa and overcome obstacles in order to take a real role” .anthy

The White House denies the existence of any coordination with Iran to fight in Fallujah Daash


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[Oan- follow] The
White House denied the existence of any US coordinating with Iran to fight against the terrorist organization Daash in the city of Fallujah in Iraq.
Said White House spokesman Josh Earnest Tuesday that Iran is interested in the results that will come out of the restoration of Iraqi forces , the city of Fallujah do not want to strengthen the organization Daash. ”
She said Ernst told reporters : ” It is clear that he is not in Iran ‘s interests to have a sectarian war ask her blood on the borders and the Iranian side understand that such a thing will enhance the strength of theorganization Daash , “noting that” the Iranians are aware of the risks of this situation. ”
He explained that the organization Daash wants to create sectarian conflict leads to the events of chaos toallow enhanced strength , ”
said Ernest “The United States does not plan and do not coordinate militarily with the Iranian side , and I personally do not know of any plans of this kind. ”


Jubouri up to the headquarters of the liberation of Fallujah operations


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[Oan- Baghdad]
arrived Parliament Speaker Salim al – Jubouri, Wednesday morning, to the headquarters of the liberation ofFallujah operations.
According to a parliamentary source told all of Iraq [where] that al – Jubouri , “arrived at the head of aparliamentary delegation to the headquarters of the Fallujah operations and Olguety leaders field, for the security and humanitarian situation of the families who were displaced from the battlefields.”
The Jubouri went this morning at the head of a parliamentary delegation to Karma liberated a field tour in the first day of the legislative recess of Parliament.

Abadi from Fallujah headquarters: Victory has become a hand


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[Oan- Baghdad]
Prime Minister said the commander of the armed forces , Haidar al – Abbadi said “victory became hand vigorously and courageous fighters, and that the world admires victories Iraqi forces and the Liberation usurped cities and inflicting successive defeats Bdaash.”
And reached the Prime Minister this morning to the headquarters of Fallujah.
He praised Abadi during his meeting with leaders of liberation of Fallujah operation , according to astatement his office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it . “After a lapse of our forces to achieve its goals as planned, and reiterated to exert utmost efforts to protect civilians and to rid our people of criminality Daash. ”
he added Abadi” Our goal is the liberation of man and to achieve victory and the liberation of land withminimal losses in the ranks of our fighters , dear. ”
saluted the commander in chief of the armed forces’ combat troops in the liberation of Fallujah operation of the army and the federal police and local anti – terrorism, air force and army Aviation and popular crowd the tribal and completion of the first and second phases successfully, he said , they fought the one hand , and embodied the unity of Iraqis in their defense of their homeland and their land. ”
Abadi urged” fighters to move with full force to achieve the set for the Liberation of the city of Fallujah plan Baltoukitat specific. ”
briefed” a detailed explanation about the latest developments in the field the details edit 27 villages and stubble in the second phase of the plan edit Fallujah. ”


Kurdistan Regional Government distributed salaries for the month of April


Khandan – The Ministry of Finance in the Kurdistan Regional Government that it will distribute the 29 staff of the Ministry and Authority salaries which falls on Thursday (June 2, 2016).

And the Ministry of Finance revealed in a statement that all banks and treasury departments binding attendance on Thursday afternoon in order to distribute the salaries of staff.

The Ministry of Finance showed that the ministries, agencies and institutions that receive salaries tomorrow are: –

1. Ministry of Health
2. The Ministry of Construction and Housing
3. The Ministry of Finance and Economy
4. The Ministry of Natural Resources
5 – The Ministry of Planning
6. The Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources
7. The Ministry of Transport and Almouselaat
8. The Ministry of Culture and Youth
9. The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs staff
10. The Ministry of Martyrs and Anfal salaries
11. The Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs
12. The Ministry of Industry and Trade
13-Department of Justice
14. The Ministry of Electricity
15-Interior Ministry
16-The Ministry of Higher Education and scientific research
17-The Ministry of Municipalities and Tourism
18-Judicial Council
19-Environment Agency
20-body Alastmar
22-Human Rights Commission
23-body Kurdish areas outside the region
24 mine-Foundation
25-Integrity Commission
26-High Electoral Commission in Kurdistan
27-presidency of the province
28-speaker of parliament
29-Presidency of the Council of Ministers