Legal representative: Parliament extended the legislative term since the beginning of the month and vote for it at its end



Since 31/05/2016 17:58 pm (Baghdad time)

Special – balances News

He revealed the legal committee member of the parliamentary Hamdiya Husseini, Tuesday, for the House vote on the decision to extend the legislative term, adopted a month ago, indicating that the parliament took the decision to extend since the beginning of May and voted on the resolution at the end of the holiday.

Husseini said L / balance News /, that “any session of parliament outside the Legislative month, which has been extended is considered an extraordinary session under the Constitution,” pointing out that “the extension decision was taken since the beginning of this May and voted on at the end.”

She said a member of the Legal Committee, that “the extension of the legislative term was for the purpose of dealing with the topics of security and financial loans,” asserting that “the previous meeting was discussed a lot of things were incomplete quorum.”

The Presidency of the Council of Representatives once again failed, Tuesday, not to achieve a quorum to hold a comprehensive meeting of the Council, noting that today’s meeting of the end of an extraordinary chapter Altcheriei.anthy 29

From: Haidar Almitm



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