Iraq Receives 10 Russian helicopters and expected more


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News announced that the Ministry of Defence, on Sunday, Iraq took about 10 helicopters and fighter of the Russian Federation, according to the contract concluded between the two countries arming earlier.
Media Advisor to the Ministry of Defense Naseer Nouri confirmed in a press statement, the arrival of three aircraft type {Sukhoi} to fly the Iraqi Air Force, from theRussian Federation, a short time before.
He said Muhammad, that “my payment helicopters {May 28} and {May 17} arrived up to three four helicopters each payment to fly the Iraqi army from Russia as well. ”
He noted Mohammed that” a new batch of helicopter gunships Russian will reach Iraq soon. ”
He praised the media advisor to the Ministry of defense in this helicopter , which he considered a cornerstone of the Iraqi forces fighting against terrorism of b {Daash}, achieving very effective in eliminating Aldaoash.
and received Iraqi defense of the Russian Federation two aircraft of {May 28} on thetenth of December / December last year, the
eighth of September / September 2015, received a Baghdad from Russia four helicopters offensive of the model Mi {-35} M, and four other aircraft Mi -28 {if}, full combat readiness with night vision equipment. Ended h

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