Abadi Office calls on political forces to provide the atmosphere for the return of parliament to convene / expanded /


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[Where-Baghdad] called the Information Office of the Prime Minister, Haider al – Abadi, political forces andsocial events all provide the appropriate atmosphere for the exercise of state institutions and constitutional duties and the return of parliament to convene again to ” as soon as possible,”

Office revealed in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the Prime Minister face of the Ministry of Interior to investigate the attack he suffered Gas Plant and reconsider its subsidiaries located where theenergy police.
The statement quoted a spokesman for the Information Office of the Prime Minister Saad al – Hadithi that ” thegovernment Iraq confirms that the security situation and the challenges of terrorism faced by Iraq, requires all political forces join hands and work together to achieve the final victory over gangs Daash terrorist, and join efforts to provide security to citizens and to stop any violations targeting innocent citizens. ”
he said , ” that this “national responsibility must at all political forces be borne especially that terrorism seeks his crimes to the rhythm of discord between the political forces and broadcast strife among Iraqis. ”
Sabri said that” the terrorists are well aware that the unity of Iraqis and unite political forces and stop throwing accusations at each other, is the most important weapons of Iraq in the face of terrorism “solemn political forces and social events all” transcend differences interfaces and work together in order to provide the appropriate exercise of the various state institutions , its constitutional duties entrusted to her political atmosphere, and the return of parliament to convene again as soon as possible, which provides legislative cover to complete the cabinet reshuffle and the completion of government reform and it provides further support for the institutions and the security services to carry out its duties in maintaining security and protect the lives of citizens and achieve more victories in the Iraq war against terrorism right up to the completion of the final victory there. ”
and, referring to what was published about the participation of deputy ministers in the Council of Ministers, said Sabri, ” the rules of procedure of the Council of Ministers stipulated in Chapter II Article -5- second, that the President of the Council invited sees presence of advisers or directors – general or any employee of the state of the domestication of opinions on topics presented in the Council ‘s agenda , ” noting that “paragraph III . of the same article stipulates that it is not for those who attend the meetings of the Board of the non -members the right to vote. ”
he continued the spokesman, it is on this , ” the foundation issued guidance in the cabinet meeting a few months ago and was confirmed at the last meeting of the Council of Ministers to attend the agents to thesessions for the domestication of views on the topics on the agenda for this purpose exclusively, and not for the purposes of the vote or quorum. ”
regarding the terrorist act which targeted on Sunday to control the Taji gas plant, it was frustration and kill terrorists explained newborn, that” the commander in chief of the armed forces, Haider al – Abadi, ordered the Interior Ministry to investigate in this terrorist act and reconsider its energy police stationed in the lab. ”


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