Deputy strong reason to move away from the interests and meet the invitation of the presidency of parliament to hold session


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} MP from the Union of National Forces architectural student, political blocs boycott of parliament sessions to get away from Ketloah interests and an invitation to speed up the presidency of the Council to hold a parliamentary session.
The architect told {Euphrates News} “imposed from all parties at the present time tomove away from personal interests, given what has come to the country during these few days of a worsening security situation and the approaching Daash from the outskirts of Baghdad , security breaches recently spoke, as if bugs in thesituation political influences clearly and heavily on the security and economic situations, we need a loan from the World Bank, but this support does not provide only the existence of political and security stability in the country, therefore, not tohold hearings continuously affect the security and economic situation. ”
he added that” We hope the blocs, politicians and members of the House to move away from personal interests and Ketloah and orientation towards emergency session was held concerning the security situation , he put the country the most important and above the special interests. ”
The architect said that” the political vacuum and the lack of oversight and legislative point of impact clearly, since a lot of spoilers are taking advantage of it , as if not tohold hearings affects a lot of laws , including the general amnesty and other law legislation. ”
He added that” We hope everyone held a meeting to discuss the crisis, and we hope to meet the request of the presidency and come to the House of Representatives. ” It is
noteworthy that there are talks between the parties to the political blocs to hold ahearing to parliament several political parties announced a boycott sessions as aresult of the storming of demonstrators to the building of the Council of 30 April.
The presidency of the House of Representatives called on Thursday, heads ofpolitical blocs, the key committees of security and financial Alniabaten to a special meeting next Sunday {tomorrow}; to consider amending the budget law, and thesecurity situation , as well as urgent to agree on a date for the meeting of the House of Representatives, and discuss the extension of the legislative term.
he was president of the Kurdistan Regional Government , Nechirvan Barzani , said in a press statement Thursday: “I find it necessary to return the House ofRepresentatives of the Kurds to the Iraqi parliament , ” he said , adding that “even become part from Iraq , we must not become cut off from the political process. ”
he said , ” we are convinced that all Kurdish blocs to have an influential role in thenext political steps, as was their united and influential in previous periods, and during the discussions that you get inside the parliament with other Iraqi factions. ”
witnessed Sadr city, inspired by the university, the city of Kadhimiya Holy Wednesday, deadly bombings claimed the lives of dozens of martyrs and wounded.Finished 1


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