Urgent Interior does not have a curfew in Baghdad and secure all diplomatic missions expanded {}

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{Baghdad} Euphrates News spokesman of the Interior Ministry Brigadier General Saad Maan said he does not have a curfew in Baghdad, was secure all the diplomatic missions of the attacks.

He said yes in a press statement Saturday that ” the security forces have secured protection for visitors traveling to the Holy Kadhimiya performance Visit the martyrdom of Imam Musa Bin Jaafar peace be upon him, where he was cutting the capital Baghdad temporarily for security reasons , ” adding that ” the terrorist enemy is trying to lurks opportunity to target Visitors but the security forces are applied to the contents of the plan. ” 

He added that” the federal police and the army are doing their job to keep the public and private money , and we’ve got the guidance of the use of force in the event of abuse of public funds and the citizens. ” 

He continued saying that” the Baghdad international Airport was not cut was secure all the diplomatic missions of attacks. ” 

and on the conditions of Abu Ghraib district between Brigadier Maan by saying that” there were attempts to Daash in Abu Ghraib , west of Baghdad area , a simple attempts have been killed trespassers and control of the situation there. ” 

the Baghdad operations has decided to declare a state of emergency in the capital against the backdrop of the storming demonstrators green zone, while banned in and out of the capital Baghdad and the roads leading to the green zone from this hour .anthy m


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