UN condemns the use of violence against elected officials and calls for dialogue

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[Wayne – Baghdad] 

urged the UN mission in Iraq, the government and political leaders to work together to restore security and to engage in dialogue.

The mission expressed in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of “grave concern at the developments today in Baghdad, including the storming of the parliament building by protesters after they entered the international zone.” 

Condemned ” the use of violence, including against those responsible elected officials, and he urged calm and exercise restraint and respect for the constitutional institutions in Iraq at this critical juncture. ” 

She called the mission” the government and all political leaders and civil society to work together to restore security immediately and engage in dialogue ensures the implementation of the necessary reforms. ” 

and he said it “continues to work from its headquarters in the international Zone in Baghdad, which is in constant contact with the parties until a solution to meet the security requirements for reform.



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