Iran calls for “rational means” to break the impasse in Iraq

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Iran calls for “rational means” to break the impasse in Iraq 

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called on Iran to find ways to “logical and Aklaiah” to break a deadlock problems suffered by the Iraqi people.

He called the Iranian Foreign Minister , Mohammad Javad Zarif , in a press statement during a meeting with UN special envoy to Iraq , Jan Kubis on his visit to Tehran , ” the international community on Saturday to support Iraq to bring out the people from internal problems.” 

He said the Iranian official that “the presence of terrorist groups of the most prominent problems He plagued Iraq. ” 

he stressed Zarif on the need to combat” terrorism ” and armed groups, especially al Daash” stressing that “Iran is ready to cooperate in this regard.” 

he criticized the Iranian Foreign Minister international powers look towards Iraq , saying , “look at international forces to Iraq within the framework of the strategic outlook for the whole region and not the vision that characterizes the Iraqis and the Iraqi government toward their country. ” 

for his part , he touched UN envoy to the conditions experienced by Iraq on the political, security and economic level and the endeavors of the United Nations in this country, describing Iran ‘s role as” positive. ” 

the Kubi today met Assistant Saturday , Iranian Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Amir Abdollahian and held talks with him before he met Iran ‘s foreign minister as part of his visit to Iran.


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