Sayadi: political parties you Pfdhaa behind my office bombing

Political Since 04.29.2016 at 01:22 (Baghdad time)


Baghdad balances News

Accused the lawmaker Kazem Sayadi, on Friday, political parties Pfdhaa the attack on his office in Wasit province, said the bombing, which he called the incident “despicable” but it is a political offense, not a criminal offense.

It caused an explosion caused by an explosive sound ignite the fire in a car employee lawmaker Kazem Sayadi Office in Wasit province.

The pictures showed the effects of the fire, which broke out in the car in front of Chiaa Attorney’s office in the city of Kut, Wasit Province, without casualties.

And contacted / balances News / MP Kazem Sayadi to comment on the incident, said that “the attack on his office but carried out by political Czb led by terrorist groups.”

“I expect the targeting, but not this way, not this vile.”

He Sayadi, saying “the parties that have done Bastahedava I did that after he exposed their ways through debunking their claims and invalidity Ajraethm, especially after the last video that you filmed inside the parliament.”

He stressed that these parties “using the language of terrorism, as expressed through the work of this criminal,” adding “the political parties have killed democracy in Iraq, a dark room.”

“The crime is not a criminal but a political crime desk targeting carried out by some of the blocks that were damaged its interests by addressing them in parliament.”

“The parties are targeting every vote to express his opinion to reject the quota system.”

The fire brigade extinguished the fire burning car.

Iraqi police in the province said the blast was caused by an explosive sound and placed under a car employee, is not yet known whether the incident was an attack directed against Naimb Sayadi against the backdrop of the last positions in the Iraqi parliament.

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